Zhao family
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Celebrate the Lunar New Year and Year of the Pig with the Zhao family!
Name Zhao family
Members Yilong Zhao, Mei Ling Zhao, Jiawei Zhao, Alice Zhao, Michael Zhao, Tiffany Zhao, Melanie Zhao, Melody Zhao
Number of generations 3 generations
Other information
Game TS4HCP Icon The Sims 4: Holiday Celebration Pack
Playability Gallery

The Zhao family is a pre made family that was used to promote the Lunar New Year themed update for The Sims 4: Holiday Celebration Pack. The family consists of Jiawei Zhao, his parents Yilong and Mei Ling, his wife Alice, as well as their children Michael, Tiffany, Melanie and Melody. They were uploaded to the Gallery by Maxis.


Zhao: Name of a feudal state during the Zhou Dynasty.



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