Here is a list of blurbs for Specialist writers. Each genre has its own special blurb, except for Life Story, where the specialization will say "**Unknown Genre**".

Fiction Novelist
Fiction Novelist writes great stories about events that seem real, but never actually happened. Their Fiction Novels tend to be hits or best-sellers.
Non-Fiction Writer
Non-Fiction Writers tend to walk the path of truth as they manage to make real-life events compelling and worth reading. Their non-fiction books tend to be hits or best-sellers.
Science Fiction Novelist
Science Fiction novelists dream of the future's technologies, wars, and aliens years before they become realities. Their science fiction books are almost always hits or best-sellers.
Fantasy Novelist
Fantasy Novelists tell the most epic stories about dwarves, elves, and humans caught up in an ancient dilemma. Their fantasy novels are often hits or best-sellers.
Historical Author
Historical Authors truly know how to bring history alive so that it feels like a piece of fiction... but is true! Their historical books are frequently hits or best-sellers.
Drama Novelist
Drama Novelists know how to make their readers cry and jump up in their seats after an unexpected plot twist. They write more hits and best-sellers in the drama genre than anyone else.
Mystery Novelist
Mystery Novelists will leave your jaw dropped comfortably on the floor after every plot twist. Their mystery novels tend to fly off store shelves as hits and best-sellers.
Satire Novelist
Satire Novelists know how to satirize every situation. Readers are laughing on every page! Satire novels written by these writers are almost always hits or best-sellers.
Humor Novelist
Humor Novelists bring the funny with every page. Their humor books are constantly on the hit or best-seller lists.
Feature Article Writer
Feature Article writers write gripping, investigative pieces that cause newspapers to fly off news stands. Nobody writes more hit or best-selling articles than these writers.
Children's Book Author
Children's Book Authors have the best rhymes, illustrations, and lessons cleverly tucked inside a story about puppets. More of their children's books become hits or best-sellers than those written by others.
Trashy Novelist
Trashy Novelists write utter filth that their readers just devour. Almost every Trashy Novel they write becomes a hit or a best-seller.
Romance Novelist
Romance Novelists tell the best love stories that cause the over-emotional to cry every time. Their romantic novels tend to be hits or best-sellers.
Master of the Masterpiece
Masters of the Masterpiece are incredible craftsmen that perfectly tell every story they want to tell. Their Masterpieces rarely fail to become hits or best-sellers.
Horror Novelist
Sports Writer DO NOT TRANSLATE [sic]
Sports Writers write about sports. Touchdown from downtown. DO NOT TRANSLATE [sic]
Comic Book Writer
Comic book writers are masters at putting pictures to words to create action packed books that leave you hungering for more.
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