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Workaholic is a lifestyle trait from The Sims 3. It does not conflict with any trait.[1]

Workaholics love to work and rarely become stressed from working. Their mood suffers when they miss work, but they are able to make it up by working from home. Workaholics make the best employees.


Sims get a Mood boost when working and they work better in careers. If they stop working or not go to work or school, they will get Missing Work moodlet and will stay until the Sim goes to work or school (Work area for Professions), it cannot be removed by the Moodlet Manager. The only career that is not affected by Workaholic is Investigator. The only way to avoid going to work and to avoid getting the Missing Work Moodlet is to use Take unpaid time off which Workaholics can miss work without penalty.

Although it does not conflict with any traits (Only in Windows and Mac OS X), Joke about Work will fail if it is used on a Workaholic.

Other Sims are able to use the Mean social "Accuse of being a Workaholic". This social is negative.

In the Architectural Designer profession, Workaholics will give bonuses for placing a quality desk in their remodel.[TS3:A]

Conflicting traits

Under The Sims 3 Generations, Workaholic will conflict with

  • None

Note: In The Sims 3 for Wii, it conflicts with Procrastinator and Easy Going.


  • Sim is more successful at asking for promotions and raises.
  • Sim gets less stressed from working and even gets the "Likes Work" moodlet.
  • Workaholics get stressed when they are not at their work lot during their working hours.[2]
  • Workaholic Sims have fun doing homework, and do it faster.
  • Sim wouldn't like making fun of work.
  • Workaholic Sims do not get the wish to retire when they age into elders.
  • Workaholic Sims who are unemployed do not like to be asked about their career, and get angry if they are asked about it.

Unlocked Interactions

  • Sim has the option to 'Work at Home' when player hits upon nearby computer.
  • Sim has the option to 'Check Up on Work' via cellphone.

Socials that causes Sims to learn the Workaholic trait

  • Ask about Career (Increases Relationship; Lowers it if the Sim does not have a Job)
  • Joke about work (lowers Relationship)

If the user Sim is a Workaholic, relationship will go up if he/she learns the trait.

Possible lifetime wishes

These are the lifetime wishes available to Workaholics:

  • Jack of All Trades
  • Renaissance Sim
  • World-Renowned Surgeon

Workaholic Sims



  1. In The Sims 3 for Wii, it conflicts with Procrastinator and Easy Going.
  2. Investigator is an exception to this. The Sim will not get the Missing Work penalty which Sims would usually receive when they do not work.

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