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{{Lifestyle (traits)}}
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Trait Workaholic
Workaholic is a lifestyle trait from The Sims 3.

Workaholics love to work and rarely become stressed from working. Their mood suffers when they miss work, but they are able to make it up by working from home. Workaholics make the best employees.


  • Sim is more successful at asking for promotions and raises.
  • Sim gets less stressed from working and even gets the "Likes Work" moodlet.
  • Workaholics get stressed when they are not at their work lot during their working hours.
  • Sim can work from home on the computer, and check on work via their phones.
  • Workaholic Sims have fun doing homework, and do it faster.
  • Sim wouldn't like making fun of work.
  • Workaholic Sims do not get the wish to retire when they age into elders.
  • Workaholic Sims who are unemployed do not like to be asked about their career, and get angry if they are asked about it.

Possible lifetime wishes

These are the lifetime wishes available to Workaholics:

  • Jack of All Trades
  • Renaissance Sim
  • World-Renowned Surgeon

Workaholic Sims


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