The Sims 4: Get Together

Wolfgang Munch
Wolfgang Munch headshot.png
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Teen.png Teen
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and employment
School School.png High School
Grade C
Family/Families Munch family
Parents Mila Munch
Siblings Gunther Munch Brother, Lucas Munch Brother
Traits Trait TS4 Gloomy.png Gloomy
Trait TS4 Mean.png Mean
Trait TS4 Dastardly.png Dastardly
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Public Enemy.png Public Enemy
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair.png Blond
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes.png Grey
Skin color Skin-light.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social standing
Clubs Knights of the hedge.png Knights of the Hedge
TS4 Renegades club icon.png Renegades
Other information
Game TS4GT Icon.png The Sims 4: Get Together
Playability Playable
World Windenburg

Wolfgang Munch is a pre-made Sim residing in Windenburg, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Get Together. He lives with his mother Mila Munch and two brothers Gunther Munch and Lucas Munch. His father does not appear nor is mentioned in game.

Wolfgang is a teen, 13 days away from becoming a young adult. He is a high school student with a C grade, and carries a homework book in his inventory. He has three skill points in logic, four points in mischief and has the Public Enemy aspiration.

Wolfgang is a gloomy teenager who's part of the most infamous club in Windenburg, the Renegades, along with his friends Max Villareal, Ulrike Faust and Morgan Fyres. He is also a member of another club called the Knights of the Hedge, which is assumed to be more of an anonymous hobby. He is friends with the clubs leader Jacques Villareal, but even though Yuki Behr is also a member of the club, neither her nor Wolfgang know each other.

Since his hair is blonde and his eyebrows are black, it is possible that he dyed either his hair or his eyebrows.

Simology[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Level
Skill TS4 Logic.png Logic 3
Skill TS4 Mischief.png Mischief 4

Image Name Relationship level
Mila Munch headshot.png Mila Munch Mother, Friend
Gunther Munch headshot.png Gunther Munch Brother, Friend
Lucas Munch headshot.png Lucas Munch Brother, Friend
Jacques Villareal headshot.png Jacques Villareal Friend
Max Villareal headshot.png Max Villareal Friend
Morgan Fyres headshot.png Morgan Fyres Friend, Neighbor
Ulrike Faust headshot.png Ulrike Faust Friend, Neighbor

Image Item Value
Book TS4 Homework 2.png Homework §1

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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