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From left to right, the Infallibly Good witch to the Atrociously Evil witch.

Not to be confused with Wizard.

A Witch or a warlock, the male counterpart, is the life state added in The Sims 2: Apartment Life. In terms of functions, gameplay and features, witches are one of the biggest and most complicated life states in the game.

Becoming a Witch / Warlock

The Sims: Makin' Magic

To become a witch/wizard in The Sims: Makin' Magic, an adult Sim can open the box from the Mystery Man and get the magic wand. The box also contains some basic ingredients and a few MagiCoins. When the box is opened, A Hole in the Ground, a spellbook, and a wand-charger will appear. (These items can also be bought in Buy Mode.) The wand-charger also dispenses wands; an adult Sim who didn't get one from the Mystery Man's box can get one from a wand charger. A child can get a child's wand from the NeoMagical Newt, which must be bought in Buy Mode. A Sim can give up being a witch/wizard by going to Magic Town and selling their wand to the Mystery Man.

In Makin' Magic, there are no special terms such as "witch", for magical Sims, and being magical is not considered a life state.

The Sims 2: Apartment Life

Make witch 120

A witch casting a spell

To become a witch in The Sims 2, a Sim (teen, adult or elder) must find one, and befriend him or her. Once done so, a new interaction appears: "Teach Me the Ways of the Light" (if the befriended witch is good) or "Teach Me the Path of Darkness" (if the befriended witch is evil). Once done, the Sim will become either a good or evil witch, depending on the type of witch they befriended, and will have an extended name including their alignment, for example, "Bella Goth the Good witch". They will also receive a robe, hat, cauldron and spell book. Their colors will be determined by the witch they were received from. The new witch may then purchase goods from other witches, including reagents (see below), as well as a new cauldron or spell book.

While witches and warlocks receive distinctive clothing, they can change into normal clothing and headgear which has no effect on their magical abilities.

There are also several ways to use hacks to become a witch/warlock. One of them is to enter the cheat "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (Press CTRL+Shift+C to make a little box show up. Enter cheats here). Then press shift and click a witch and press "MAKE SELECTABLE". When the player is controlling the witch, click on a Sim and cast the spell "Magus Mutatio". The Sim is now a witch.

Shift-clicking on the mail box with testingcheatsenabled on and selecting "Make NPC..." then "Good Witch" Or "Bad Witch", will cause the high witch of that alignment to visit the house in maximum one hour.


Witches have many new abilities, including casting spells, crafting exclusive items, creating reagents and potions, being able to travel to other lots via broomstick, teleporting around lots and owning feline familiars, spectral cat. Atrociously evil witch can bring the dead to life as a Zombie.

To cast spells or create potions and items (specifically, thrones, floor lamps, wall lamps and hanging lamps), reagents are required. As said above, these can be obtained by purchasing them from NPC witches, or crafted in a cauldron. Unlike in The Sims: Makin' Magic, Sims aren't required to pre-prepare spells before casting, but just need the right combination of reagents on the spot. Witches with higher magic skill have a higher success rate when casting spells and have access to the more powerful spells.


Evil Warlock

An evil Warlock

Spells are organized into three categories: "Good", "Neutral" and "Evil". Sims can study Good, Neutral, or Evil magic in their spell book. This increases their magic skill points, and changes their alignment towards the direction they are studying. To be able to use the strongest Spells and craft the most useful Items of each alignment, a Witch must be at the maximum level of their alignment. For example, an "Infallibly Good" Witch can cast "Expello Mortis" and also craft the "Throne of Light", a chair which charges all Motives simultaneously if used by Witch with correct alignment, whereas they would be required to earn full "Atrociously Evil" status before being able to cast "Vivificus Zombiae" and craft the "Throne of Darkness". The two thrones do exactly the same thing, but if a non-magical Sim sits in the chair, no mood effects will occur. If a witch sits in the opposite chair (i.e. an Evil witch sits in the the Throne of Light), the witch's motives will go down rapidly. Neutral witches will benefit from both types of chair.


Main article: Magic reagents

Magic items/reagents can all be crafted in the cauldron, but some reagents can be bought at the secret magic lot of the witch's alignment.


Evil witches

Evil witches/warlocks

Casting more "Good" spells will result in a witch becoming "Good", and casting even more will make the witch "Infallibly Good". Both alignments wear white robes and hats, craft items which suit the "Good" witch stereotype, and have cauldrons which emit blue smoke. "Infallibly Good" witches also have a blue aura and gold sparkles on their skin. Good spells are intended to improve other Sims' lives, or their environment.

Using a "Neutral" spell will move a witch closer to the neutral alignment. They will thus make a Good caster less good and an Evil caster less evil.
Good witches

Good witches/warlocks

Neutral witches, when wearing normal clothes and a normal hairstyle, will appear as completely normal Sims/zombies/vampires/werewolves/etc. Hovering the cursor over the Sim to see his/her name will give the extended name that identifies him/her as a witch.

Once enough "Evil" spells are cast, a witch will become "Evil" or "Atrociously Evil". They will wear black robes, craft gothic-like items, and have a cauldron which emits red smoke. "Atrociously Evil" witches have green skin and a sickly green aura, similar to the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz movie, or from the Broadway musical Wicked. (Despite the resemblance, they will not die when doused with water.)

The Sims 3

Although there is no official witch/warlock state, players can buy the Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book o' Spells from The Sims 3 Store for 500 SimPoints. This item costs §72,000, and can be found in Buy mode under Misc. Entertainment/Skills.[1]

The description reads:

"This suspicious tome is chalk full of discount charms and hexes! Curse your neighbors, enchant your shoes! Guaranteed to never leave a whisper of glitter, this book will strike fear and mirth into your friends."

Lord Vladimir's Magic Cauldron

Conjure, brew and imbibe your way to magical and mystical excitement with every turn of the ladle ‘round Lord Vladimir’s Magic Cauldron! Collect or conjure dozens of potion components, brew up a magical concoction, and then throw caution to the wind and take a big swig of MAGIC! Mmm... it’s delicious!


It has been rumored that the High Witch is Bella Goth. The Sims 2 Chat confirms that Bella Goth is not a High Witch.[2] There are two High Witches, one of light and and one of dark. Who they are depends on the neighborhood. In Belladonna Cove, the High Witches will always be Phoebe Adams (Good witch) and Frances McCullough (Evil witch). In other neighborhoods, the high witches will be chosen randomly with unique names.


  • Witches can be combined with other life states, to make a hybrid, such as Witch-Zombie.
  • Teens through elders can be witches. Like adults and elders, teens can reach maximum magic skill, too.
  • Casting spells in front of non-witch sims will cause them to do the 'be shocked'(gasp, yelp or shriek in surprise) action if there is nothing else in their queue, somewhat similar to the reaction to being pounced by a cat.
  • Although Good witches and Evil witches often have a rivalry, it is possible for them to be friends. If the player has non-NPC witches, they can most certainly make the witches acquainted positively. The rivalry between Frances McCullough and Phoebe Adams has been noticed by many players of the game. Evil witches have also been known to autonomously irritate or fight with Good witches.
  • It is possible to have a non-knowledge witch that doesn't roll a cure-want, though without a mod which fixes certain wants and fears, turning other sims into witches will trigger the witch or warlock to roll cure-wants. The best way to make these wants roll away is to have that sim fly to a community lot and engage in a few activities. Another is to get the sim abducted by aliens, be sprayed by a skunk, do something to get fined, robbed or have something repossessed. Recent bad events can scramble the wants and fears, and fears of getting skunked, being caught cheating, or of a family member getting a D- may strong enough to supercede creature fears.
  • Good and evil witches can summon "spectral assistants". An evil witch's assistant will fight a specified person, and a good witch's will clean up around the home. However, neutral witches do not have this ability.
  • Witches can visit any secret lot independent of their alignment. There is no restriction for a witch from another alignment to go to the other alignment's secret lot (example: Evil witch goes to the Good witch's secret lot.) There is no High Neutral witch, unlike the Good High Witch, and the Evil High Witch, and neither is there a secret lot for Neutral witches.
  • Good witches can't buy stuff from evil witches and vice versa. Neutral witches can buy stuff from either. For example, if a Good witch attempts to make business with an Evil witch, the Evil witch will cross her arms and look at the other witch with a dirty look, and on the upper-right of the screen, a comment will be made by the other witch.
  • Players have discovered that in other neighborhoods besides Belladonna Cove, the head good witch is usually an elderly woman with high personality points in nice. There have been some cases where there were two High Witches of each alignment, this is because the whole game (whether the neighborhood is custom or not) has 2 default high witches of each alignment.
  • If two high witches of each alignment are kept on a player-owned lot for an extended period of time, a third witch of either alignment may be spawned. This is very possible if the business owner is a witch and can use motive-raising spells to keep the business running indefinitely, or if there are several player-controlled witches running the business.
  • Witches can appear on player-owned business lots even while the player is running them, and will usually just cast beautificus/corruptus locus, summon their familiars, and leave after a short time. However, a player can assess their desire and show them their wares, and even earn stars from them.
  • If a player-owned business has a bandatron, the high witch or warlock will have to pay to stay on the lot, and will leave without casting a spell if he or she is not interested. That can be useful if the player does not want an evil witch to cause vermin to appear.
  • If the witch has paid for a ticket, the player can make her stay by asking them to join playing poker, for example. The high witch's motives, except hygiene, are static, and she will remain doing her activities for a long time, which will provide the business owner with income and customer loyalty.
  • If the High Witch is somehow managed to be cured of witchery, he/she will be replaced by a new one. The player can do this intentionally by killing or drinking them Witchbegone-E, for example.

Feline Familiars

If Pets is installed, Witches may discover their feline familiar. Spectral cats can be summoned from "The Void" at any time, and resemble its owner's alignment, and may return to "The Void" when it's too uncomfortable, or when its owner leaves the lot. Feline familiars are like cats, except in appearance, the lack of the need of a litter box and ability to breed. If treated well, the feline familiar is more likely to stay. They can be trained, but cannot acquire a job.


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