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Name Willville
Game  The Sims (console)
Not to be confused with Sim Lane.

WillVille is the neighborhood of the "Play The Sims" mode in The Sims for console. The lots go from 1 to 7. Sims from around the neighborhood will come to visit the player's house, but children will only visit if the household has a child too. If chosen by decision the player can always change the name of the neighborhood if they create a new one.

Aside from the lots in Get a Life, WillVille (or if the player decides to change the name) is the best place to experiment and customize houses. They can build them like natural houses or by imagination. This area is also best for manually getting families rich (getting rid of unneeded houses, building a big room with an opening and using the most expensive wallpaper, then scattering certain length picket fencing and having a family live there while holing down the L button and continuing to press A or X (as the console edition varies) until the family has 999,999 simoleons+).

Occupied lots[]

Unoccupied Lots[]

1 Sim Avenue[]

This is a vacant lot with no house built and no decorations, and has an extra right side passage. Mortimer Goth and Bella Goth are the sims that visit most often, and if there is a child, Cassandra Goth will come to visit too. If the player places a family in 2 Sim Avenue they will come to visit, too.

2 Sim Avenue[]

This is also another vacant lot. Like 1 Sim Avenue it has no decorations and instead of a right side passage, has a left side passage. Chris Roomies and Melissa Roomies are the sims that visit more often. If the player places a family in 1 Sim Avenue they will come to visit, too.

4 Sim Avenue[]

4 Sim Avenue selection card.png

Unlike other lots, 4 Sim Avenue does not appear in the lot selection. However, the lot itself can be seen across the street from 7 Sim Avenue, but inaccessible nonetheless. It can be seen for a split second occasionally when accessing the Free Play mode. There is no known way to access this lot, even if the player has completed Get a Life mode. However, it may be possible if a cheat has been activated.[clarification needed]

6 Sim Avenue[]

This is another vacant lot. This is maybe the best house to start a new family since it has trees included with the house cost that help with the outside decoration. It also only has one down passage so Sims and NPCs can pass fast and not annoy much. Mortimer Goth, Bella Goth, Bob Newbie and Betty Newbie are the Sims that visit most often, and if there is a child, Cassandra Goth will come to visit, too.

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