Wilhelmina Leaf
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Name Wilhelmina Leaf
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Child Child
Life state CAS Ghost icon Ghost
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) None
Trait Virtuoso small Virtuoso
Trait Inappropriate small Inappropriate
Trait Coward small Coward
Fav Kids Kids
Fav Cookies Cookies
Fav Grey Grey
Hair color Haircolor7-TS3 Grey
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Eye-custom Green
Body shape Fat Fat
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Electrocution
World Twinbrook
Wilhelmina Leaf was a sim from Twinbrook. She died while being a child and is now buried in Ivy Hill Graveyard. Two strange things about her are the facts that she died from electrocution, which can not happen to a child, and that, according to her gravestone, she completed her lifetime wish without having one. The only other deceased pre-made children are Opal Suarley and Kirsten Remington who expired due to drowning.

She has a pale green skin like all the other deceased sims of Twinbrook.

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