Not to be confused with Time machine.
Wellsian Time Portal
Wellsian Time Portal
Built in another dimension by the mysterious Time Traveler, this artifact allows transit between the Present and the Future. Events in the former may profoundly impact the latter.
Game The Sims 3: Into the Future
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §725
Object type(s) Skill
Size 4x4

The Wellsian Time Portal is a time portal featured in The Sims 3: Into the Future. It can either be bought in the Transportation area under Outdoor or wait for its arrival, similar to the visits of the university mascot to a Sim's home. However, if the portal doesn't have enough room to properly appear on the Sim's lot, it will spawn on a random community lot instead. In map view, the portal will display a purple map tag of the time portal icon, surrounded with a yellow star frame. The time portal can bring Sims to the future. It will not work unless a Sim inspected the portal first. The time portal can occasionally cause a Sim to suffer from time anomaly if they go to the future.


The time machine has four interactions, including a trip to the future. Multiple households members can travel to the future, but cannot be left behind when returning back to the present. Sims that are werewolves and in their werewolf form will be unable to travel and initiate the action to travel with others.

The time machine can also be deactivated if it isn't in use or a Sim doesn't want to go to the future. It can summon the time traveler anytime. It can also reset the time continuum for resetting the future right from the start, however a Sim must have mastered the Advanced Technology first before doing this.

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