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Weather stone
Activated weather stone
Game The Sims 3: Supernatural, The Sims 3: Seasons
Buyability Buy mode
Size 4x4

The Weather Stone is an object that requires two expansion packs from The Sims 3: Supernatural and Seasons. The four occults included in Supernatural can use it, with their own abilities, to cast a special weather effect.

If both of the packs are installed, the weather stone will be automatically placed in a lot from a town once a save is loaded or created via a pop-out notification. The notification tells that it is successfully installed in the game and also includes "View Weather Stone Location", which locates the weather stone in town.

The location of the weather stone differs on each save under the same town, but there is a possibility that it will appear on the same location twice.

It cannot be bought from Buy mode, but can be movable in Buy mode. However, if you desire to move it to another lot, you will need to delete the stone and exit build/buy mode, whereupon it will generate a new stone in a new location.

Supernaturals of the same kind can group together to increase the chances of a successful weather effect. If a supernatural has a higher level of magic skill, they have a better chance of enabling the weather effect on their own. Most of the time, a supernatural with low magic level will always not have a favor with the weather stone. It can get "angry" and may strike a supernatural with a lightning bolt.

If cast successfully, the weather effect will last for three hours. The weather stone can only be used once a day.

Weather EffectsEdit

Bewitching RainEdit

This can be summoned only by witches.

When a witch casts this mischievous spell using the weather stone, a green rain will fall on the entire world. Any Sim caught outdoors will dance wildly and act crazy, even though they are magically prevented from getting wet! Afterward, sit down and eat a pizza!

Eclipsing FogEdit

This can be summoned only by vampires.

Vampires can conjure this spell to cause a chilly fog to form over the town and cool even the hottest summer day. It also makes it easier for your fanged friends to find willing snacks.

This ensures that vampires can drink or turn any Sim in town without rejection; however, despite the name, the fog will not protect them from the sun.

Reviving SprinkleEdit

This can be summoned only by fairies.

Who says rainy days have to be dreary? When fairies create this spring shower of blossoms, all the gardens in the Sims' world are instantly revived and cared for. Of course, no fairy magic would be complete without a rainbow at the end!

This will cause all wilting plants to be instantly watered and weeded.

Hunter's StormEdit

This can be summoned only by werewolves.

Werewolves are great hunters to begin with, but this magical storm gives them even more of an edge. Collectable items fall with the snow and your lupine Sims have a much better chance of sniffing them out as they stalk through the icy drifts.

Werewolves will be much more likely to succeed at hunting and find more valuable items while hunting.


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