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The watcher

A statue of the Watcher erected by his first civilization.

The Watcher is the identity assumed by the player in The Sims Medieval. It is stated in the game's opening trailer that the Watcher once looked after a previous civilization that went extinct due to the stupidity of its people.[1] Starting anew, the Watcher resolved to not simply watch his/her followers, but guide them in the proper direction. To do this, the Watcher would use exceptional men and women (Hero Sims) whom everyone was sure to follow.

In game, the Watcher acts as the primary deity worshiped by all Sims. The symbol of the Watcher is an eye (identical to the eye used to denote religious nations in the game Spore). There are two different churches in the game, and each has its own opinion about the Watcher. The Peteran church believes that the Watcher is a loving and forgiving god, while the Jacoban church believes that the Watcher is a vengeful and merciless god.

The eye is also depicted as a constellation in certain quests, reinforcing the idea of there being someone (yourself) looking down on them from above. The "Watcher's Eye" camera viewpoint anchors your view above the center of town, where you can easily rotate to find all the buildings and areas.
The Sims Medieval - Patrick Stewart Introduces a New Sims Cutscene (PC)

The Sims Medieval - Patrick Stewart Introduces a New Sims Cutscene (PC)

Patrick Stewart explains the player's role as the Watcher.

Watcher Achievement Level is a way to track your progress through the game. Points are earned by completing Ambitions and Watcher Achievements, each one with a unique requirement. Starting a new game as a Peepsmith, the player can advance all the way to Super Seer. Some of the Watcher Achievements can be long and difficult (and even deadly), so looking at the Achievements book often to see which ones you could easily accomplish, and planning ahead, is recommended. Keep an eye on your Ambition progress from the Kingdom Tab by clicking on the circle next to your monarch's portrait.

References in other gamesEdit

The story of the Watcher is described in the Glyphs that appear in Selvadoradian lore.[TS4:JA]


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