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The Sims 3: Into the Future

The wasteland is a lot assignment featured in Oasis Landing. It is typically a small deserted lot, with areas for scavenging and requirements for opportunities. It is recommended to travel this lot by using the hoverboard or the jetpack. When a Sim scavenges for a long time, they will get an illness called "Wasteland Pox".

Oasis Landing[]

Crash Site[]

Crash Site
Crash Site.jpg
Crash Site in Oasis Landing

The Crash site is one of the default wasteland lots in Oasis Landing. This is the only wasteland that has a Mysterious Door. To open the Mysterious Door, a player must find mysterious fragments and after finding them, the fragments will turn into a mysterious key by sending them to Emit Relevart. The Crash site has also a unique plant.

Barren Wasteland[]

Barren Wasteland
Barren Wasteland.jpg
Barren Wasteland in Oasis Landing

The Barren wasteland is one of the default wasteland lots in Oasis Landing. It is also a place for catching nanites.