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Wanmami Island
Wanmami Neighborhood
Wanmami Island is home to the local, the lost, and the long-range mariner. Rising majestically out of the vast blue ocean, the island looks inviting enough. There are numerous suitable places to make camp, and nothing particularly dangerous or ominous is visible from the water. The natives named it "Wanmami," after the fevered whimpering often heard from shipwreck survivors washed ashore on the beach.
Name Wanmami Island
Game TSCS Icon The Sims Castaway Stories

From the air, Wanmami doesn't look especially unlike any other somewhat-inhabited island, but for the handful of plane crash and shipwreck survivors whose ways have been found here by malfunction-induced circumstance, it's a welcome return to dry land. The sun always shines on Wanmami Island except when it sets, and the weather is exactly as ordered in a tropical paradise.

Wanmami Island is a Free Play mode neighborhood shipped with The Sims Castaway Stories. Playable Sims in this neighborhood can purchase story rewards from the Story Rewards Bin, once they have been unlocked during the Shipwrecked and Single story at Felicity Island.[1] New lots cannot be created without the use of third-party mods and programs (such as SimPE). New families, however, can be made, moved into lots, and played.

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Wanmami Island

Map of Wanmami Island

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Playable familiesEdit

Murray Barrett, Morag Barrett
Murray’s confusion between the terms “port” and “starboard” stranded the Barretts on Wanmami Island many years ago. In fact, the village elders say that Murray's ravings gave Wanmami its name. The Barretts had to give up the privateer’s life to focus on daily survival instead, but they still love dressing up.
Walter Lerner, Daniela Lerner, Nora Lerner, Danny Lerner
The Lerners' story is a classic one of a holiday tour ending in a life-altering shipwreck. Now that all of the luxuries they took for granted are a distant memory, they'll have to learn to survive with nothing but the clothes on their backs and whatever else they can find. The kids may have some difficulties, but their parents rather enjoy the peace and quiet.
Tuula Tiani, Baakir Tiani, Olabisi Tiani
The widow Tuula lost her husband Gatimu when he tried to save a jaguar drowning in the ocean. Rather than withdraw after her husband's death, she stayed the open and warm person she always had been. Left to raise two children on her own, she loves to entertain visitors, but wonders if Linje Talani will ever come calling.
Linje Talani
Linje might be considered one of Wanmami Island's most eligible bachelors if it weren't for his almost painful shyness. Some women of the tribe have tried to get him to warm up, but he usually ends up retreating back into his hut. Village gossip says that he might have his eye on the widow Tuula Tiani, but if he does he's keeping it to himself.
Candy Valance
Candy washed up on Wanmami Island after the most recent shipwreck. She's hoping to find an already established community of shipwreck survivors, because she just figured out that fish aren’t very interested in chatting about makeup or popular reality TV shows.

Family bin familiesEdit

Orson Curry
Orson Curry came to Wanmami Island to make a name for himself as an anthropologist. His people skills are a bit lacking, and he has alienated every orangutan on Wanmami Island. Orson is between huts since his last one mysteriously burned down.
Birisi Folon, Mifune Folon
The Folons have always been outsiders, wandering Wanmami Island at their whim. The villagers greet the Folons warmly each time they return, eagerly asking to hear about their discoveries and adventures in remote parts of the island.
Humud Pongwa
Humud left the village at an early age, and traveled all over the island on foot. A jack-of-all-trades, he's reaching the age where he feels the need to find a place to settle down and get on with his life.
Linea Wilson
Linea is a high-flying adventurer. She brought the anthropologist Orson Curry to Wanmami Island, and flew back to check up on him a few weeks ago. Now she’s temporarily grounded, and trying to figure out how to escape from the island.

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  • This island is much smaller than Felicity Island and has more castaway families than natives.
  • The island's name is a reference to the phrase "I want my mommy", which is also referenced in the description where it's mentioned that the natives named it after the "whimpering often heard from shipwreck survivors washed ashore on the beach.".
  • The Wilson family might be a reference to Wilson.


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