The Sims Makin Magic

Wally O'Wisp
Magik 14 0000
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Other information
Game The Sims: Makin' Magic
Playability NPC

Wally O'Wisp is an NPC who appears in The Sims: Makin' Magic. When a Sim uses the 'Of House and Home' charm, Wally will appear and will clean the Sim's home and fix broken items. After a few hours, he will disappear. However, if the sim who used the charm is in a bad mood, Wally's sister Molly will appear instead and will break items in the household.

Wally does not have a face or body, instead only his clothes and cleaning items are seen. Wally teleports to different parts of the lot depending on where he wants to go and will disappear and reappear in a cloud of purple stars. When he is standing still or in the middle of a job, some stars will appear next to him.


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