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Villains are a type of NPC in The Urbz: Sims in the City that appear in every district after the player attends the VIP Party for that district. There are three villains; Harry Snivel, Urangoo McBain and Kiki Blunt. They steal Urbz' money and they only go away if the player uses the power social Darius taught the Sim at the VIP club.

Defeating all of them will give you access to Darius' Penthouse.

2 playerEdit

The villain will appear and either player has to use the power social to defeat him/her. Since the villain will leave after using a power social, the players will need to wait another day for the other player to defeat the villain if both players want to defeat the villain.

If one of the players defeated the villain but the other has not, he or she will return and the other player must defeat the villain but the one that defeated the villain can't interact with them. The villain will never return if both players defeated them.


  • The player can use walls or objects to trap the villain but after a few hours, he or she will jump in the hole and teleport away.
  • Villains will never arrive if the Urb that is not being played didn't defeat him/her is in the district.
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