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Not to be confused with Vet clinic.

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A sim taking care of a dog.

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Veterinarian is a skill in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. It is the primary skill for running a vet clinic; the higher it is, the more likely a Sim will discover symptoms of illness when examining pets. Raising the veterinarian skill unlocks pet-themed decorations, additional treatments, surgeries, and vet interactions, bonus vet clinic perk points, and the ability to craft various kinds of pet treats with a medicine crafting table.

Skill levels[]

Level Unlocked treats Other unlocks
2 Swampwater Taffy, Cooler than Liquid Nitrogen Nutrition Bar "Meow Mailbox" and "Postman Beware" mailboxes available for purchase
3 Scorching Cinnamon Chew "Raise Your Paws" pet-themed wall decal
4 The Stinkinator "I WANTS IT" pet-themed wall decal, can administer Feelgood Serum as a pet treatment
5 Wellness Treat "Jolly Day" pet-themed wall decal, can soothe pets being examined (works faster than calming, but can only be done once per examination), bonus vet clinic perk points
6 Age-Up Treat, Age-Down Treat "Run Pug Run" pet-themed wall decal
7 Poop Randomizer "Everyone's Best Friend" pet-themed wall decal
8 "Ode to Yarn" pet-themed wall decal
9 Bonus vet clinic perk points, can perform lubricate tailwagger joint surgery
10 Ambrosia Treat "Best Vet Door" available for purchase