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For the trait in The Sims 3, see Vegetarian (The Sims 3).
Trait TS4 Vegetarian
Vegetarian is a trait introduced in The Sims 4: City Living.[1]

"These Sims will actively avoid eating foods that contain meat products and can become sick if they eat such foods."


  • They autonomously avoid eating meat and eat vegetarian food.
  • Sometimes these Sims will become happy when eating a good vegetarian meal.
  • Will get sad after eating food that contains meat.
  • Will be happy when eating vegetarian food.
  • Can "Discuss Vegetarian Benefits" with other Sims.
  • Can "Enthuse about Vegetarianism" with other vegetarian Sims.
  • When they're hungry their speech bubble shows broccoli.
  • They can "Hire a Vegetarian Caterer" when clicking on stoves or refrigerators.
  • Vampires with this trait will prefer to drink plasma from plasma fruits, plasma packs, or plasma drinks.[V]


Jesminder Bheeda, Arun Bheeda

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