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For the trait in The Sims 4, see Vegetarian (The Sims 4).
Trait vegetarian.png

Vegetarian is a lifestyle trait available in The Sims 3. It is first available from children.

Vegetarian Sims never choose to eat meat, and doing so causes them to quickly become ill.


  • Vegetarians live longer than other Sims.
  • Vegetarians will get disgusted and nauseous from eating meat.
  • Vegetarians prefer to watch the gardening channel on the television.

Special Interactions[]

  • Vegetarians will learn to prepare vegetarian alternatives dishes when practicing the Cooking skill. Originally, only vegetarians can prepare vegetarian dishes from the fridge. With Showtime, Sims can learn vegetarian dishes from learning the other recipes.
  • Vegetarians can "complain about meat".
  • Other Sims can "applaud vegetarianism" towards vegetarians as a friendly interaction. They can also "mock vegetarianism" as a mean interaction.

Player Notes[]

  • A household with at least one member with the vegetarian trait can prepare vegetarian cuisine.
  • Vegetarian vampires must consume plasma fruit or plasma juice from the fridge. Drinking from other Sims will make them nauseous.
  • Vegetarians don't have problems eating ingredients such as eggs and cheese.
  • This trait does not conflict​ with the angler trait, even though Vegetarians become nauseous from eating fish.
  • Simmunity lifetime reward makes vegetarians immune from being sick by eating meat. Vegetarians will still get the "Disgusted" moodlet however.
  • Here's a list of vegetarian alternative dishes which are fine for vegetarians to eat:
Original dishes Vegetarian alternatives
Cheesesteak Cheese tofu steak
Chili con carne Vegetarian chili
Dim sum Vegetarian dim sum
Firecracker shrimp Firecracker tofu
Fish and chips Vegetarian fish and chips
Grilled salmon Vegetarian grilled salmon
Hamburger Veggie burger
Original dishes Vegetarian alternatives
Hot dogs Tofu dog
Lobster thermidor Vegetarian lobster thermidor
Spaghetti Spaghetti with veggie sauce
Stuffed turkey Stuffed tursoykey
Sushi Veggi rolls
Tri-tip steak Tri-tip tofu steak
  • Most foods are consumable by vegetarians. Only certain food containing meat may cause vegetarians to be nauseous. Below is a list of food that contain meat, other than the ones with alternative dishes:

Special Moodlets[]

Image Moodlet Name Notes
Nauseous.png Nauseous Vegetarians who eat meat-contained food will get "Nauseous" moodlet and vomit after it expires.
Disgusted.png Disgusted

In addition to being nauseous, vegetarians will also get this moodlet. Vegetarians will still get this moodlet even if they have the Simmunity lifetime reward.

Premade Vegetarians[]

Holly Alto, Rain Leary, Piper Hipp, Carmen Lavishe.