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Vampire powers
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Vampire Powers
Vampire Powers Trailer
The Vampire Powers and Weaknesses perk trees

Vampire powers and weaknesses are a customizable perk system and gameplay feature for the vampire lifestate in The Sims 4: Vampires.

Vampire RanksEdit

There are five Vampire Ranks:

  • Rank 1 - Vampire Fledgling
  • Rank 2 - Minor Vampire
  • Rank 3 - Prime Vampire
  • Rank 4 - Master Vampire
  • Rank 5 - Grand Master Vampire

Vampire Sims will have several options to increase their Vampire Rank.

  • Sparring/Fighting/Curing Vampires
  • Researching Vampiric Lore
  • Being mentored by higher ranked Vampires
  • Using vampiric powers
  • Drinking Plasma

Each Vampire Rank unlocks another row of Powers and Weaknesses to choose from. When vampires reach a new Vampire Rank, they will be required to choose a weakness, or else they will not be allowed to learn any new powers.

Powers and WeaknessesEdit

Powers Edit

Vampires can choose certain powers as they gain more experience and become stronger. There are a total of 25 powers, divided evenly (5 per each Vampire Rank), with several powers having their own tiers (up to a maximum of 3). Also some powers conflict with certain weaknesses, preventing vampires from picking them.

Weaknesses Edit

At the expense of becoming a more powerful vampire, the vampire must develop a weakness. There are a total of 11 weaknesses, divided unevenly amongst the Vampire Ranks. Some weaknesses have their own tiers (up to a maximum of 3), and some conflict with certain powers, barring vampires from being able to choose them.

List of Powers and Weaknesses Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Almost all vampiric abilities can be unlocked for a single Sim (except those that conflict with others), as the Sim will continue gaining Power Points even after they have reached the maximum Vampire Rank.[1]
  • Vampire Powers and Weaknesses can be reconfigured by having the vampire Sim drink a Draught of Reconfiguration (which can be made at Level 14 vampire lore skill), which will reset and refund all of their Power Points and chosen weaknesses.
  • Through the use of cheats, vampires with all powers and no weaknesses can be created.



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