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Vacation Memento
Vacation mementos are a collection of memories that Sims experience while they are on vacation, introduced in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. There are 45 mementos in total. Each Sim has their own vacation memento collection, which can be accessed from the Memories panel. Some mementos can only be obtained whilst vacationing in certain vacation destinations. Some others can be achieved by using certain vacation objects that can be bought in Buy Mode.

Collecting mementos is just a trivial achievement Sims collect while going on vacation. Completing all vacation mementos does not reward anything to Sims, and are mostly intended for the player to keep track of the things Sims have done on vacation.

Mementos Edit

Here is the complete list of Vacation Mementos:

Image Cryptic name Unlocked name
Had a good vacation memento Enjoy your trip Had a good vacation
Had three good vacations memento Third time's the charm Had three good vacations
Had five good vacations memento Become a frequent traveler Had five good vacations
Went on a tour memento Check out local sights Went on a tour
Went on five tours memento Follow the guide to five new sights Went on five tours
Went on all of the tours memento Be guided to all the local sights Went on all of the tours
Learned all of the gestures memento Learn the local ways Learned all of the gestures
Ordered room service memento Enjoy a meal delivered right to your room Ordered room service
Ordered a photo album memento Get an album to share with your friends Ordered a photo album
Found a secret map memento Find a lead to hidden secrets Found a secret map
Discovered a secret lot memento Discover a vacation secret Discovered a secret lot
Discovered all of the secret lots memento Uncover all the vacation secrets Discovered all of the secret lots
Went on an island vacation memento Escape to an island paradise Went on an island vacation
Ate pineapple surprise memento Try a fruity island treat Ate pineapple surprise
Learned to hang loose memento Hang loose with the locals Learned to hang loose
Learned to hula dance memento Shake that grass skirt on the beach Learned to hula dance
Learned to fire dance memento Dance with the fire loving locals Learned to fire dance
Learned hot stone massage memento Learn to spread relaxation with heat Learned hot stone massage
Made an offering at the monkey ruins memento Pay a homage to an ancient civilization Made an offering at the monkey ruins
Played on the pirate ship memento Fence and navigate at a beach Played on the pirate ship
Learned a sea chantey memento A singing pirate? Learned a sea chantey
Found a beach treasure memento What can you find in the sand? Found a beach treasure
Dug up a treasure chest memento Find the buried treasure! Dug up a treasure chest
Got a voodoo doll memento Find an island secret Got a voodoo doll
Went on a mountain vacation memento Explore the wilderness Went on a mountain vacation
Ate flapjacks memento Enjoy a hearty mountain meal Ate flapjacks
Learned to chest pound memento Pound your chest like a true mountaineer Learned to chest pound
Learned to slap dance memento Learn to dance like the mountain men Learned to slap dance
Learned deep tissue massage memento Learn to work out tension the mountain way Learned deep tissue massage
Slept in a tent memento Sleep under the stars Slept in a tent
Won at log rolling memento Stay on the log and win! Won at log rolling
Got a bull's-eye at axe throwing memento Hit that target Got a bull's-eye at axe throwing
Examined the tree ring display memento Tree rings tell an interesting tale Examined the tree ring display
Befriended Bigfoot memento Make a furry friend Befriended Bigfoot
Went on a Far East vacation memento Immerse yourself in tradition and culture Went on a Far East vacation
Ate chirashi memento Try a fishy eastern delicacy Ate chirashi
Learned to bow memento Take a bow Learned to bow
Learned Tai Chi memento Join in ancient exercise Learned Tai Chi
Learned acupressure massage memento Learn the ancient massage of the Far East Learned acupressure massage
Drank tea memento Enjoy a warm cup of tea Drank tea
Raked a Zen garden memento Landscape the Zen way Raked a Zen garden
Won at mahjong memento Use those tiles and win! Won at mahjong
Wished at lucky shrine memento Make a wish! Wished at the lucky shrine
Learned to teleport memento Travel like a ninja! Learned to teleport
Learned the dragon legend memento Learn a Far Eastern tale Learned the dragon legend

Completed Vacation MementosEdit

Titles Edit

Titles are based on the number of Mementos a Sim has collected.

  • 0-1: Bumbling Tourist
  • 2-4: Stumbling Sightseer
  • 5-7: Rambling Roamer
  • 8-9: Excited Excursionist
  • 10-11: Jaunty Jet-Setter
  • 12-14: Able Adventurer
  • 15-19: Gifted Globetrotter
  • 20-29: Veteran Vacationer
  • 30-39: Talented Trekker
  • 40-41: Elite Explorer
  • 42-45: Savvy Traveler
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