And I can't understand why you are so aggressive... I am not redefining who you are, just sharing what it looks like to me and answering the previous comments. I am the founder of the French Sims wiki, so I know pretty well the main purpose of this site since I pursue the same for the french version...

However I do not agree with the comparison with Wikipedia, which cover all subjects. For wikis on FANDOM (in my personal opinion again, which is totally fine to not share), I think we can definitely call the contributors "fans", otherwise what would be the meaning of spending our time over something we are not fans of.

I did my best to emphasize that Fanon was only some part of the wiki and just said that being there, as minor as it is, drives the wiki more closely to a fandom compared to other wiki without fanon at all, but still knowing it is not a fandom and that the main purpose is to be a collaborative encyclopedia. That is not an insult, that is not redefining who you are, just my personal feeling after reading the original comment. Sorry if you took it the wrong way, be assured that this was not the intention :)

(Also please note that there is no conflict of interest. As an Helper, my role is not to push or convince at all cost the Staff's decisions, but solely to share and explain them to the users. That being said, those comments here, below KailynnKat's OP, have nothing to do with the brand FANDOM, or my position as an Helper, it was just a discussion about the definition of "fandom" ^^)

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