Monthly Question - February 2015
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Hey there, welcome to this month's Monthly Question! Every month we'll be posting an opinion based question on The Sims series, and we want to hear your thoughts. Give us your opinions, ideas, complaints, or whatever else is on your mind, in relation to the question we'll ask everyone.

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This month's Question
What are some of the most "uncharacteristic" things you've noticed your Sims do in terms of their behaviour? Things that are below the standards of the behaviour of humans.

Thank you to C.Syde65 for providing this month's question. If you have any ideas for future questions, please leave them here.

Last month's Question

Last month we asked the community How do you play The Sims? What's your style of gameplay? What feature do you play and enjoy the most? What has kept you playing The Sims until now?. Below are the top responses:

Andygal - 3 PlumbBobs

I enjoy the generational aspect of the game (I got bored of the original game pretty easily because of the lack of any meaningful generational aspect). I enjoy watching my Sims grow up, marry, have kids, and pass away. I also enjoy playing with different personalities and activites for my Sims. Also, making Don Lothero and Daniel Pleasant's lives a living hell with lots of kids. :D

Woganhemlock - 2 PlumbBobs

I've always been big on the aspect of creativity and building in The Sims. I've never really been that good at the whole storytelling aspect but I've got heaps of mileage out of building houses (some of which I only used for an hour or so), creating Sims, and editing neighborhoods. One of my favourite things I've ever done was creating a neighborhood from scratch in TS2. While sadly I lost it in a hard drive crash it was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in The Sims. Anyone else who is into the building aspect would know what I'm talking about; the feeling of fun you get from breathing life into empty spaces.

Asymmetricalpasta03 - 1 PlumbBob

my style of "play" actually involves less playing than you'd think.

my favorite part of actual gameplay is making the kids. i just like the passage of time.

i play ts2, & with their (specifically premades') lives as short & paced as they are, doesn't allow for elaborate storytelling, which is something i thrive on like some people thrive on carbohydrates. i spend more time establishing timelines & characters outside of literal gameplay than i do actually playing.

maybe if i start playing ts3 something will change, but for now, that's my reality, which is actually fiction.

i don't know if any of that nonsense qualifiies as answering the question but

ђ talk 00:02, February 6, 2015 (UTC)

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