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The Sim's Pen
Issue XXI

15 Feb 2015

The Sim's Pen

G'day, ladies and gents. Tim here, and welcome back to The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon section newspaper!

Fanon News

Fanon Battle 29

The newest fanon battle has begun, pitting the sneaky and cunning Manny.D Mush against untouchable mafia boss Luigi Romanelli! Place your votes now!


Hot Story - The Sunset Valley Murders by GothLoliManda

This week's Hot Story, The Sunset Valley Murders, revolves around the Funke family, recently relocated to Sunset Valley. Young Irene Funke watches tragedy unfold around her as one by one her family and fellow residents meet horrific fates. The cause of all these deaths: her sister.

Weekly Celebrity - Alice Ellis by Maddillin

Catharine Elisabeth Gruber is a computer-addicted Sim with a confusing set of names such as C3l3st14 Sky3 and Charlie Gruber. Now enjoying her life with fellow geek Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, she is pregnant with her first son Carter! *GASP* Whatever will happen to her next?

Fanon Statistics

The following are correct as of 9 January 2015

As of the latest update...

  • There are 748 female Sims as compared to 646 males
  • The least frequent Zodiac sign is Capricorn
  • The most frequent Zodiac sign is Cancer
  • The Occult type with the highest population (excluding Ghosts and Aliens) is the Vampire at 37
  • The Occult type with the lowest population is the PlantSim at 1
  • The life stage with the highest population is the Adult at 554, followed by Young Adults at 372
  • The life stage with the lowest population is the Baby at 11, followed by Toddlers at 33

Kindly provided by the Ministry of Statistics


How was your Valentine's Day?

The poll was created at 04:29 on February 15, 2015, and so far 15 people voted.

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