It's been a while since my last blog. I thought that this time, I should focus on teen fashion. As great as the Wednesday Addams look is, it doesn't suit every sim. There are plenty of possiblities out there, but this time we will focus on how your teen girl can really let her goth show.

Outfit Name & Description Information

Cute Goth

For the girl who wants to look gothicly cute, but doesn't want Grandma complaining about her "wacky new outfit."

Sim Model: Helena Goth

  • This design incorparates shades of grey, with a burst of red, to really make her stand out.
  • With the addition of bracelets, that alternate silver and red, it adds a symplistic but eye catching accessory.
  • This outfit will also look good, if you choose a skirt with the same plaid design.

Rebel Goth

This is for the teen girl who doesn't care what people think. She is goth and proud.

Sim Model: Helena Goth

  • Again, this outfit uses the same shoes and accessories from the previous outfit.
  • Worn jeans add a slightly rebelious feel to her outfit.
  • For the waist coat, something as simple as making the collar red pulls the outfit together in a matching way.
  • This outfit also looks good, if you dye the sim's hair a unusual colour.

Casual Goth

Whether she is slobbing around the house, or dragged out to the beach with the family, this outfit just screams "I'm goth and I'm lazy!"

Sim Model: Helena Goth

  • This outfit is easily made, and only needs Create a Style for one item. The t-shirt. Choose the skull argyle pattern, and change it to blacks and greys.
  • This outfit could be used for other styles, not specifically goth.

I look forward to seeing your creations!

I would also like to mention, that I honestly dont mind, if you want to post any pics of what you made using my designs and tips in the comments. I really would enjoy seeing what you create. : )

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