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    It looks like the release of Showtime is coming tomorrow (in different times in different gameshops) for North America and Singapore (that's where I am) and some other countries I don't really care. It will be two days for Europe and three days for United Kingdom (poor Brits!).

    I think of Showtime like an addition to Late Night, since they match the same "theme". I'm not saying that Showtime and Late Night SHOULD be combined to save one expansion pack. Showtime is like my second first favourite expansion pack for now (Pets will be second in my list - sorry Pets fans).

    Showtime has a very big content on Sims being superstars, them being epic acrobats, amazing magicians and talented singers. It has lots of objects (both new and existing objects from TS2)…

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    block on a mistake

    February 12, 2012 by ThomasWikia

    I received a block from a user, which accidently landed on my account. I wasn't able to edit the Wikia until now. I think I learn a lesson today, never use the IP whose bot has spammed. It's annoying. *smiles*

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    Hello peeps.

    Soon, a live chat about the expansion pack will start at EA's Livestream in 10am PST, 6pm GMT and Jan 27th 2am SST (Singapore Standard Time). Hope you are watching for info about the pack. :)

    • Time Converter to check
    • Event Page
    • EA's livestream
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  • ThomasWikia

    my first blog?

    January 8, 2012 by ThomasWikia

    Ouch. Didn't see this hear. I thought blogging is only for admins.


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