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News Report

Welcome back to APTV-5 Five o'clock news. Breaking news for today, the mayor of the town, [insert current mayor] had announced a plan to get the town more populated. This plan was created two week ago and was announced just today due to the town's ageing population. May I let John Beckman (correspondent) join with you now, so John, how will the plan work? *pauses to get question*

Well Henry, the plan is to get every married couple to get at least one offspring. And as a baby Sim born, the government will give five thousand simoleon (§5,000) to the household. If they are to have another baby Sim and more, they will get an extra six thousand simoleon (§6,000) per offspring born. The government has yet to decide the maximum number of newborns. Now this is a controversy topic around the town as the amount of elderly Sims in Appaloosa Plains is too damn high... actually they take... FORTY-THREE PERCENT (43%) of the town's population. I interviewed three Sims earlier to get their opinions to this topic.

[Sara Deedee (my Sim)] Currently I have a son who is now learning in elementary school. On his first day of school, he was surprised that the amount of elementary school students is low and on the middle of the year, all of the students except him went to high school because they graduated elementary school. That doesn't mean he's a dumb boy, this is the SCHOOL SYSTEM - whenever a child turns into a teen, they automatically graduate and move on to high school. Now he is the only child, not only in the school, but the only child in the TOWN! Thus, I support this plan as this will stabilise the population here.

[ Booker Singleton ] As a single Sim, recently broke up, I must say, this plan will be a big change to Appaloosa (Plains). But it really depends on the Sims' opinion. Some Sims tend to stay single because of commitment issues or not willing to do so, or maybe because they are too busy with their career... I don't know. I really wish I can now find a female Sim of my choice.

[ Chuck Hobble ] When I figured out the plan from the government, I say this is the best plan ever yet. Right now if we the elderly die soon, who's going to take care of the town. We are now retiring, even me. I get my earn, but I did nothing... OK, put it in this way, supporting is the only way to help and not money. Nowadays, Sims chose their respective jobs not because of the community, but just for hard-earned cash. Now this is really disappointing.

Meanwhile, the government is also proposing a new bill to allow homeless Sims to join any household, as long as their criminal records are clean and they will not make problems. Also, government has also asked Sims from nearby villages and poor towns to immigrate to Appaloosa Plains and get the benefits that we usually get. Now back to Henry.

Thanks John... (end of report)


In my save game, Appaloosa Plains is facing a new problem - ageing population. 43% of all the Sims living (excluding service and homeless Sims) are elderly Sims. There is only one child (which is my Sim Macintosh) and his mother (Sara Deedee - the interviewed) is expecting a newborn baby Sim.

So, it is now time to get that plan done. What I will do is to get a couple to have a baby Sim, using cheats/mods. And also, every house in town will be equipped with a baby crib, the toddler potty and a high chair, and also an extra bed for kids/teenagers.

So, share your thoughts about this ageing population. Have this ever happen to your town?

Original: Click here made by the same author, me.

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