It looks like the release of Showtime is coming tomorrow (in different times in different gameshops) for North America and Singapore (that's where I am) and some other countries I don't really care. It will be two days for Europe and three days for United Kingdom (poor Brits!).

I think of Showtime like an addition to Late Night, since they match the same "theme". I'm not saying that Showtime and Late Night SHOULD be combined to save one expansion pack. Showtime is like my second first favourite expansion pack for now (Pets will be second in my list - sorry Pets fans).

Showtime has a very big content on Sims being superstars, them being epic acrobats, amazing magicians and talented singers. It has lots of objects (both new and existing objects from TS2) and a new life-state, genies!

For tomorrow, I'm getting the collectors edition of Showtime, which adds extra contents (both Limited and Katy Perry stuffs). SG$56, quite a bit overpriced, but if that's what EA wants, well, that's what they want.
(off topic) I want FIFA '12, but it's also overpriced...

Oh and my birthday's March 9. Wish me if possible! I will staying in a chalet for two days and will come back on Sunday.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


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