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  • ThePeculiarMe

    Hello, and this is ThePeculiarMe! Welcome back for another news of The Sim's Pen,The Sim's Wiki fanon news.

    Fanon Battle 26

    Another fresh new battle has been settled! A battle which is about two (seemingly understandable) artificial society story: The Genesis Project and Time Paradox. Vote now of your favorite!

    Ophelia's Mind by AsherÉire

    A canon story of A Pleasant Story which it is about the discoveries of Olive Spectre from her niece, Ophelia Nigmos. This story is a thriller but very appropriate to young audiences. (Seriously!) So... have fun reading it!

    ]] 10:02, January 18, 2015 (UTC)

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  • ThePeculiarMe

    Sul sul! I'm ThePeculiarMe, and I'm telling another news of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon section newspaper.

    Fanon 24

    The new battle is here and it's all about families or households. Which will you vote? A wealthy family is known for its rivalry with the Goth family and has a powerbase on their own or A household that never want their people to have WooHoo, improve the humanity, and let the Greek culture spread their minds. Vote now and come back in two weeks who will win.

    Dawn of The Sims by ColinThePanda

    A five-part story that looks like a blog reference or a journal that tells about a sole survivor of a zombie outbreak. His story will tell about his travels, meeting other survirors, and his experiences. Kind of looks like a mo…

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  • ThePeculiarMe

    Sul Sul! I'm ThePeculiarMe! Here is another news of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon section newspaper!

    Fanon Battle 19

    The battle started last week but I tell it anyway. A battle of a faithful wife who is also a spy and a a geek that fond in interacting with unusual Greeks. Vote now who is the best before it'll end in next week!

    After a month

    It's already a month after the release of The Sims 4 and there are tons of (well, I might say many) fanons coming from it and from its previous games. The fanon section might been lightened up week by week.

    The Diary of Breydon Ramidia by DeNile13

    A story made by DeNile13 follows the lives of the Ramidia family, originally starting with Breydon and his sister Beatrice, but continues on to follow …

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  • ThePeculiarMe

    Hello, this is WikiBuilder1147... I mean ThePeculiarMe! And welcome to The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon section. Today I will be telling the news here and this is my very first time telling the news...So, here we go!

    Fanon Battle No. 18

    A fresh new fanon battle between these (beautiful?) mannequins, Galaxy Nine Asteroid and Doctor Agent J. Triton. Vote now and come back next week who will win!

    Share your Sims' lives and stories

    Think you are creative with your Sims' lives? Want to share it? If so, then you are welcome to write and share your stories in the wiki. However, you must have an account so that you have your property of your Sim and your stories.

    Turning Tides by Fangirl4545

    A story about two young adult couples, Eric Cartney …

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