Okay. I just had to see what Christine and Isaac's kids would look like. So, with a little urging from me, they conceived a child and Christine gave birth to a son, Mark. My new condition for myself is that Mark cannot age up into a toddler until tomorrow when I get the Generations expansion pack. Mark's traits, which I chose, are Brave and Athletic. His favorite music is soul, his favorite food is tri-tip steak, and his favorite color is Irish green. His sign is Capricorn. His features are not too distinct yet, but he seems to be somewhat tan like his parents. As for Christine, she quit her career in the Fashion career track, at which time she was a Level 9. She is currently unemployed (again I am waiting for the new careers that come with the expansion pack) and she has undergone a mommy makeover. Christine's hair is longer and she wears more conservative clothing. Isaac has completed his Lifetime Wish and is currently enjoying the life of an Astronaut. They also moved into a nicer home. I evicted the Castor family from their dream home and made the Kelly family move in. What I am most excited about for the Generations expansion pack is the schools. I plan on sending at least one of the Kelly children to a preparatory school (yes, there will be children more later) and then their artsy mom can take ballet lessons there. Who else is eager about the new expansion pack?