Christine Olsen met the new guy in town, Isaac Kelly. Isaac is a Sim created by me via CAS. It was a match made in Heaven; well, I had best not get metaphysical. Let's just say that when the innocent blonde beauty of Twinbrook met the dashing darker-haired Isaac, sparks flew. Isaac immediately confessed his attraction to her and they became engaged just as quickly. In a private service, they were married. Christine Olsen has now become Mrs. Christine Kelly. Isaac's Lifetime Wish is to become an Astronaut and he is currently a Squadron Leader, only two Levels away from his dream. He has mastered both the Athletic and Handiness skills and has one Skill Point in Painting. His traits are Family-Oriented, Flirty, Good, Athletic and Good Sense of Humor. It should be noted that Isaac shares three traits with his wife. His favorite food is Spaghetti, his favorite music is Indie, and his favorite color is Blue. Thanks to his social personality, Isaac has two Celebrity Points and is therefore a Notable Figure. On another note, Christine has completed her own Lifetime Wish, as she has mastered both the Painting and Guitar skills. She rapidly mastered the Cooking skill and learned all of the recipes that go along with it. This, of course, will be beneficial to them when their new family members arrive in the future! I am very excited about the Generations expansion pack and, since it is about making the most out of family and private life, I have resolved to wait until Tuesday, May 31st (when Generations is released) to allow the conception of any Little Kellys. When Christine and Isaac accumulate enough money (they're currently broke), they'll move out of their shack and into a nicer home. Until then, the Kellys are just building their careers and their lives.