OK. This is not a version of the Not So Berry Challange but it's simmilar. Please start challange with your heir sim and their only child.


With your dreams of being an aspiring artsist and your only child, you come from a hard place. But your art skills will prevail.


Complete the Painter Extraordinaire  aspiration

Master the Painter career (Master of the Real branch)

Master Painting skill

Sell 4 paintings at the Flea Market


As a child, your mother/father was away painting masterpieces. You were lost in a book,away in a liabary. You plan to make it big as writer and leave your mark.


Complete the Bestselling Author aspiration

Master the Writer career (Author branch)

Master the writing skill

Have A grades as a child and teen


Music captivates you-it always has. You want to entertain but lust for a loving family as well.


Complete the Musical Genius apiration

Master the Entertainer careerv(Musician branch)

Master the violin/guitar skill

Have at least 2 children


You have grown upwith a family legacy in the arts but all you want to do is sit back and play videogames. Your parents want you to become an actor but that forte does not suit you.


Complete the Computer Whiz aspiration

Master the tech guru career (eSports Gamer branch)

Master the gaming skill

Compete in 2 gaming tournaments


Your mother/father loved playing videogames and for a while, so did you. But then you saw a poster for Athletics and you fell in love with sport.


Complete the Bodybuilder aspiration

Master the Athlete career (Professional Athlete branch)

Master the Fitness skill

Play videogames until sim becomes a Teen

You can choose whatever traits you want and siblings/spouses are not crucial to the challange so you can customise them however you want.

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