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    until voting ends!

    Hey everyone!

    As some of you already know, The Sims Wiki is in the running for "Best Wiki of 2011!" :D

    In this contest, Wikia users can vote for which Wiki they believe was the best of 2011, based on content and quality. On January 3rd, the Top 10 Wikis will be featured by Wikia! We have a lot of dedicated users and readers, and our Wiki has grown substantially throughout the year. It would be quite the honor if we could end up in the Top 10 with all of the great Wikis of 2011.

    Currently, the Top 10 Wikis are:

    1. Avatar Wiki
    2. One Piece Wiki
    3. Degrassi Wiki
    4. Call of Duty Wiki
    5. Fallout Wiki
    6. Warriors Wiki
    7. Monster Hunter Wiki
    8. RuneScape Wiki
    9. Dilema the Movie Wiki
    10. The Elder Scrolls Wiki

    Help get TSW in the Top 10! Vote, vote, vote! :D —Random Ranaun…

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  • Random Ranaun

    Hello The Sims Wikians!

    Voting for the Fanon Logo has begun! Voting will last from May 1st to May 31st. There are currently six submissions entered in the contest:

    23:47, May 1, 2011 (UTC)

    A reminder of the Fanon logo contest|The Sims Wiki:Newsletter/15 May 2011May 2011 Newsletter}}

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  • Random Ranaun

    The Sims Wiki hasn't been bought by The Sims Resource! Yippee! All of your precious earnings will remain in your pockets. It was just a cruel joke, devised by LostInRiverview, Bleeh, and I. You fell for it, didn't you? :p

    Click here to return to the Main Page

    Oh, and don't forget to comment!

    Fanon Logo Contest has begun!}}

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  • Random Ranaun

    As you can probably tell from the blog title, the Fanon Logo Contest has begun! I've decided to create an individual blog for this, and I will soon explain why. While the Fanon Logo Contest was originally held from February 22, 2011, to March 10, 2011, it was a huge failure. Only two users submitted logos, and few users actually voted. One logo was chosen, but many other users didn't like it, and felt that due to the lack of submissions, they were unable to find a logo that they favored. Well, I have restarted the Fanon Logo Contest, but this time, I hope for it to be a success. So, I created this blog post to raise awareness for the contest, since many users didn't even know it happened in the first place. In an attempt to make the contes…

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  • Random Ranaun

    Late-February Update

    February 22, 2011 by Random Ranaun

    There have been a few recent events on The Sims Wiki. Here is a list and summary of each.

    The Tutorial Namespace has been created! The Tutorial Namespace is the area of the wiki specifically for tutorials, walkthroughs, guides, how-tos, and tips. Various tutorials have been created, and there are sections that primarily focus on The Sims tutorials, The Sims 2 tutorials, and The Sims 3 tutorials. Users are encouraged to write tutorials about the games. Organized, easily understandable, and otherwise outstanding tutorials will be featured on the Tutorial namespace.

    The Fanon Logo Contest is now open! The Fanon Logo contest, like the regular Logo Contest, is a contest where users can submit entries for the logo of the Fanon side of the wiki. Us…

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