Artisan's Glassblowing And Jewelry Making Station

It's been a while since I last wrote a news blog, but here you go! Just yesterday, the Store has released another premium content: Artisan's Glassblowing And Jewelry Making Station!

Glass blowing premium content 1
Artisan skill icon
This premium content is rather fascinating. As the name implies, it's a glass blowing station, which you can use to craft accessories, objects made out of glass, and perfumes. One thing I love/hate from this set is that it comes with a new Artisan skill. On one hand, I love that there's a new skill variation for Sims to learn, but on the other hand, this is a custom skill, and therefore has no purpose at all besides using this glass blowing station. Yeah, what else can you expect from a custom skill anyway?

It goes without saying that the higher Artisan skill the Sims have, the more variations of perfumes, objects, and accessories they can craft. Also, the quality of the crafted items get higher, and the chance of failure gets lower. Sims have to be careful while crafting, as they might get small accident that will injure them and leave a negative moodlet. Nothing serious, though.

Glass blowing premium content 2

What about the crafted items? The craftable objects seem to be quite limited to chess board, stained glass windows, and some base game sculptures. Have your Sims ever sculpted with ice? These "glass" objects are just apparently normal objects with transparent (ice) material. I think you could basically turn any object into this material if you use Twallan's DebugEnabler mod for aesthetic purposes.

Sims can craft jewelry also. It will be placed into their inventory after it's successfully crafted. Apparently you can wear them by planning outfit afterwards. Perfumes are similar to elixirs. When you use them, they will give a temporary moodlet that has some effects. Unlike previous premium contents with cheaty effects (dragons that can replenish Energy and Hunger just by socializing with one), these perfumes aren't really cheaty at all. In fact, they barely benefit anything, but it's not all bad.

  1. WooHoo Panther Perfume (-10, 2h). It will make Sims nauseous and they'll throw up when the moodlet expires. Careful with this one.
  2. Vanity Perfume (+10, 2h). It makes Sims more sociable.
  3. Once Forgotten Perfume (+10, 2h). It eliminates the negative moodlets when Sims recently mourns.
  4. Amour Perfume (+10, 2h). It makes Sims more romantically sociable.
  5. Bliss Perfume (+20, 2h). None. Apparently, its specialty is only higher moodlet effect.

If you have the Savvy Seller's Collection set from Midnight Hollow, note that these crafted objects cannot be sold with the register. Lame!

Prism Art Studio venue

This premium content, as usual, comes with a venue set the Prism Art Studio, which costs 1,900 1,700 (sale) SimPoints. The venue is 40x40 large; hopefully your current world has any empty lot that fits this venue.

One pretty cool addition to this set is that it includes a set of L-shaped stairs! It's said that fans have been asking it forever and I must say I'm pretty disappointed that everything the fans ask always have to be part of the premium store set. Sigh!

Prism Art Studio venue L-shaped stairs

Useful link: AznSensei's Prism Art Studio review.

You see, this set gives me a lot of love/hate feelings. Share your thoughts about this set! Nikel Talk Vote! 08:36, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

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