Becoming Grim Reaper?!
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Hey guys! Today, after a little longer time, I am back with blogging. In today's blog, i'm gonna talk about Grim Reaper, playng around with death in Sims 4 and using cheats! Stay tuned!...*jingle*

So... Grim Reaper? Who is he? To not be confused, Grim Reaper doesn't exist in reality! Grim Reaper is personification of death (or the avatar of death). In Sims 4, ha has the same purpouse as in several Myths about him. When someone is just about to enter second world (or just die), he comes out of no-where holding his scythe, and grabs human's soul. But how is he coded? Is it hidden code? Is it brought to the name? Or...what? Let's find out!

First, what can we tell about him. He is scary, he wears black cloak and hood, he has no legs and no face, he leaves black trail and he glides as a ghost. When looked closer, he has very deep scary voice. What gives him these poweres? Question is solved!!! It is all just one of biggest traits in the game!

If you dont know how to use cheats, simply in-game press CTRL + SHIFT + C. For most commands, we are gonna need a cheat that enables debug cheats. Let's type in tesingcheats on. Now, using a simple cheat, it's easy to become Grim Reaper. Even with Alienism - SO you can become Alien-Reaper hybrid. And this GUY will be the vicim, that will become the Grim Reaper. See the blessed one, Dominic Dyer:


Dominic Dyer is famous bodybuilder, DJ and father (he is married). And now, he will be famous Soul Reaper?! Lucky he! All power in only one cheat, that contains 28 characters. Let's have him selected and write to cheat box:

traits.equip_trait GrimReaper

Let's see what changed!


He now leaves big black dusty trail, he floats (looks wierd with legs), his needs dont decay and are always at maximum and his voice is scary and deep! Lots of great stuff, but this trait removes 2 thinks: WooHoo-ing and the ablity to Shift + RightClick him and press Modify in CAS. Let's have some fun! For the right feeling, I'll ender another cheat!

stats.set_skill_level Major_Reaping 10

Gratz, you mastered the secters of the afterlife (maxed out Reping skill that does nothing)! Bu he is still a father, and has a kid, Lilly. I wonder, if you can infect a kid with the trait. Let's try it!


Oh My God (OMG) that's wierd and creepy! Get is out of my sight *instantly turns her back to normal!

That's better. Let's click the bed ans see what it has to offer!

  • Sleep
  • Claim
  • Sit
  • Nap

Where is WooHoo and Try for baby? I want some Reaper kids (Reaper Childs look wiers, i'll instantly change them into teens!). I'll remove the trait off Dominic, Try for Baby with his wife and turn them both into Reapers (good luck surviving it, Lilly).

It's on! They are both reapers and Miney (Nico's Wife) is pregnant! Let's skip it to InLabor stage immidiatly...


It's a girl! Let's call her...WRAITHA (The kid of reapers). Let's go ahead and skip it to Teen Years. I gave her two traits, and that's Insane and Hot-Headed. Third one won't be mean, don't worry! After aging up to teen, and giving her the POWERS OF GRIM REAPER, THIS HAPPENED:

One real minute later:
Wraitha died today of Anger! Rest in peace.
Let's go even further with Dominic 'Reaper'!

Let's make sure that our testing cheats cheat is on and type


Now Shift+LeftClick Lilly (It's impossible to click Dominic), and Modify in CAS! Let's use another cheat. While having cas.fulleditmode and testingcheats enabled, press SHIFT + N to show all clothing in the game! All career clothing, costumes. But is there grim reaper cloak? Let's find out.



Nope! I guess I would have to change it inside s4pe, but I dunno how to use that! I will probably stick with this outfit and add him evil trait (instead of SLOB):


Oh my god, so evil! But there is something that annoys me! It's the legs! I can use socks, but It would be better, if Dominic had invisible legs! After a hour of research, I found absolutely nothing! So I created a forum post hoping I'll get the answer!

I found nothing! So it is impossible. But hey, it's OK! Now let's scare some people, shall we?

So thanks guys for reading this. If you wander what is the point of having kids with Reaper - simply, none! But hay, let's have some fun! So again, thanx guys for reading, make sureto leave a comment and BYE!