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Week of October 3, 2013

In accordance with the US Federal Government shutdown, the governing agency that inspects wiki news blogs has been closed. The following news blog has not been inspected. Beware!

Sims universe news

There's not much going on in relation to The Sims this week, but we have other news to report that does relate to our game.

  • Lucy Bradshaw gets a promotion. Lucy Bradshaw, the General Manager of Maxis, has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President at EA. This promotion comes along with several other executive changes in the wake of the appointment of EA's new CEO, Andrew Wilson. Bradshaw has a long history at Maxis, including a tenuous term as Maxis GM, including earlier this year when she was criticized for Maxis' handling of the SimCity launch. It is unknown at this time who will be taking her place at the head of Maxis. You can read more about this here (courtesy of Beyondsims).
  • Maxis opens a dialog about player-created content for SimCity. One major criticism of SimCity was the lack of support for player creations and game modifications. Prior to SimCity's launch, Maxis claimed they wanted to eventually make game modifications possible, but up to now they had not done so. However, a new page on the SimCity forums has been set up dedicated to "User Generated Content" (UGC). You can check this out here (courtesy of BeyondSims).
  • There will be achievements in The Sims 4. It was reported in IGN that players will be able to unlock achievements for accomplishing certain in-game tasks in The Sims 4. For example, players are awarded the "50 mile high club" achievement when they have two Sims WooHoo in a rocket ship. Achievements are earned by each player, not by the Sims themselves. There's more information about this upcoming feature here (courtesy of SimsVIP)
  • Lazy Game Reviews plays Midnight Hollow. LGR, ever the prolific Sims fan, has released his review of the Midnight Hollow downloadable store neighborhood. You can check his video out here.

The Sims Wiki news

  • Requests for Administratorship. This is a reminder that we still have an RfA going on for JasonThePlum - if you haven't already, please go here soon and make your voice heard on this potential promotion. After JasonThePlum's RfA is settled, there will be another discussion on the promotion of Walker guy94, so keep your eyes open for that discussion to begin. As always, you can file a request for administratorship or make a nomination for another user at any time.
  • Please participate in Featured Content voting! The Sims Wiki has many different forms of featured content, including Featured Articles, Featured Media and Featured Fanon. These features are all based on votes and nominations from regular users. So if you've encountered a great article, image/video, game guide, fanon article, or something else you think should be highlighted, please be sure to nominate it to be featured, and vote for other nominees!
  • Discussions round-up. As usual, we have some wiki discussions that could use your valuable input. Be sure to check out these threads:


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