As of August 19, 2019, it is ten years to the day since I first joined The Sims Wiki as a registered user. This kind of milestone anniversary has made me stop and reflect a bit on the last ten years of my on-wiki life, as well as my off-wiki life. It's safe to say that, both in terms of my real life and on The Sims Wiki, a lot of stuff has changed in ten years!

I cannot remember the exact circumstances of how I joined The Sims Wiki, but I do know that I joined in the midst of my first summer home after college. I had taken to passing the time by searching for and editing various online wikis. I was also playing quite a lot of The Sims 3, and at some point must've searched for some specific TS3 information and landed on The Sims Wiki. I made a couple edits as an IP, but must've decided to register an account. I, like many others, did not realize that Wikia registrations are global, so I tried to think up a fitting Sims-related username, and landed on 'LostInRiverview.' It's interesting to me now, because LostInRiverview and especially 'LiR' has become my handle on so many other non-Sims sites and services since then!

In any case, The Sims Wiki has for these past ten years been a constant part of my life. Even when I've been less active as an editor, I've always checked the wiki at least once a day. And of course, I've spent many an hour chatting away with other TSWers and friends on the IRC channel and, later, the Discord server. My time in The Sims Wiki community has introduced me to new friends and new experiences, and I am incredibly grateful for it.

I am also thankful that I was able to enjoy the company of so many great people over the past ten years. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge at least a few of the people whom I've come to admire and respect over the past decade:

All of these people, even those who have not edited regularly on The Sims Wiki, have made this wiki a better, more enjoyable place to be. They're the reason that I still jump onto the wiki or onto the Discord server even after all these years. I want to thank all of them, and everyone else on The Sims Wiki, who has helped to make the past ten years so great!

I'm going to be out-of-town on my actual ten-year anniversary, but I wanted to commemorate the event in some special way. So, I've made up a batch of new userboxes for "wiki age." Feel free to add one of these userboxes to your user page!

{{Userbox six months}} produces...
TS4 silver medal icon This user has edited The Sims Wiki for at least six months!
{{Userbox one year}} produces...
Notable Newcomer Icon This user has edited The Sims Wiki for at least one year!
{{Userbox two years}} produces...
Rising Star Icon This user has edited The Sims Wiki for at least two years!
{{Userbox three years}} produces...
B-Lister Icon This user has edited The Sims Wiki for at least three years!
{{Userbox four years}} produces...
Proper Celebrity Icon This user has edited The Sims Wiki for at least four years!
{{Userbox five years}} produces...
Global Superstar Icon This user has edited The Sims Wiki for over five years!
{{Userbox ten years}} produces...
TS4 star trophy icon This user has edited The Sims Wiki for over ten years!

Again, I just want to thank everyone on The Sims Wiki, from the bottom of my heart, for everything that you have all done here. The wiki is scarcely recognizable compared to the one I accidentally landed on ten years ago, and it's all thanks to the hundreds of people who have built out our encyclopedia, toiled away behind the scenes to make the wheels turn, polished our articles and our visual themes, and collaborated together to build a more comprehensive encyclopedia and a more positive, productive, and fun community. I look forward to many more years of building this wiki together with you.

Thank you! -- LostInRiverview talk · blog · contribs 00:20, August 19, 2019 (UTC)

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