Hello wikians,

I want you to know that I am formally retiring as a bureaucrat and administrator for The Sims Wiki, effective immediately. After I post this blog, I will (attempt) to de-bureaucrat and de-sysop myself (I'm not sure if a bureaucrat can demote themselves, or if the mediawiki software prohibits this) and will assume a less active to completely inactive role. This comes as I am finding that I have less and less free time available to devote to this or many other projects. Simultaneously, I have lost interest in The Sims series in general (partly because The Sims simply does not run in any playable condition on my laptop), and so have lost passion about administrating a wiki based on that series.

I am choosing to tell you this here, rather than fading silently into obscurity, so that you may not attempt to rely on my presence and assistance, as I will not be here to offer it. I've considered this decision, and I feel it is the right one to make - I do not think that I should continue to hold these positions of responsibility if I am not going to fill them to the level necessary.

I will look back at the time I've spent on this wiki very fondly. The people I've met, although I've never met in person, have been true friends and I am very appreciative of the time we spent working and chatting together. Seeing this wiki grow and change over my time here as a user, administrator and bureaucrat has been so incredibly rewarding. Seeing users that were once Newbies step up into leadership roles makes me so proud of the supportive wiki that we have all helped develop together.

I will likely still check up on the wiki from time to time, and may even make an edit or two. However, I will not be serving as an administrator or bureaucrat (even if I cannot remove myself from that position); The Sims Wiki has a terrific team of administrators and bureaucrats, so I do not feel remiss in leaving the wiki in their capable hands.

It's been fun. Good-bye. :)

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