After a bit of a delay, Administrative projects are now live for the wiki! This means a couple things... let's go through these each in detail.

If you haven't chosen a project yet

Wiki policies require all administrators to serve on at least two projects. File a request to serve on at least two administrative projects (there are five available) on the Administrative project applications page immediately or you may risk losing your administrator rights!

If you've chosen your administrator projects

Check out your project pages

If you've already filed applications, then they have been processed and you are a member of two projects (or more). Check out your project's new project page:

Feel free to add or remove as much information as you want from those pages, and really try and make use of them. The Bureaucrats will be watching these pages to make sure that project work is being done, so be sure to keep everything up-to-date and to show real progress towards your long-term goals.

Select a Project Leader

This position is nothing major, it's just a go-to person for an individual project, who can help the other members along in realizing goals and tasks. Each project should elect from within itself a project leader; this can be done on a permanent or rotating basis. If you are selected as the Project Leader for a particular project, be sure to inform GEORGIEGIBBONS (talk) immediately.

Determine goals and tasks

Once you've gotten a leader selected, as a group determine the goals and tasks for the project. This should be based off the original descriptions of the projects found on the Administrative projects page, but don't be afraid to go deeper and to really work wholeheartedly towards those goals. Additionally, compose a list of shorter-term tasks which will ultimately move the project along. Keep these up-to-date as they are completed.

Other Information

Changing projects

If you find that the project you're in isn't suited to you, fill out a new project application request, and specify in the request the new project you want to join and the project that you want to leave. You may be asked to give a reason for moving, but there should not be too much scrutiny given there.

Manager of Administrative Projects

Now that APs are getting off the ground, management of Administrative Projects is transferring to GEORGIEGIBBONS (talk). Please refer to him first for questions regarding Administrative Projects (other bureaucrats will be able to help as well, but GG should be the first stop after your project leader).

Good luck on your projects!

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