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Proposed merger with The Sims Freeplay Wiki

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Ten years on The Sims Wiki

As of August 19, 2019, it is ten years to the day since I first joined The Sims Wiki as a registered user. This kind of milestone anniversary has made me stop and reflect a bit on the last ten years of my on-wiki life, as well as my off-wiki life. It's safe to say that, both in terms of my real life and on The Sims Wiki, a lot of stuff has changed in ten years!

I cannot remember the exact circumstances of how I joined The Sims Wiki, but I do know that I joined in the midst of my first summer home after college. I had taken to passing the time by searching for and editing various online wikis. I was also playing quite a lot of The Sims 3, and at some point must've searched for some specific TS3 information and landed on The Sims Wiki. I made a…

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Community News - June 2019

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A friendly reminder about internet security

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LostInRiverview LostInRiverview 11 September 2018

My Dream Sims Game

I've played The Sims in one form or another since the very beginning. I can remember how excited I was to pick up my first copy of The Sims 1 way back in February of 2000. Since then, I've gotten to experience the evolution of the series, from a rudimentary people simulator and architectural tool, to a highly detailed life sim. What strikes me, though, is how much of the core game has remained the same all these years.

Certainly, consistency between main titles in the series is a positive thing. The fact that I can load up The Sims 4, enter build mode, and plop down a house using virtually the same tools (and even using the same hotkeys) as were present in the 18-year-old original game, speaks to the long-term stability of the series. The fact i…

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