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November 2018 Community News

So while we're still trying to recover from the forced URL change, as you might have noticed and read about by now, I thought we might *try* to move on and keep things going, hoping that our loyal following of readers hasn't abandoned us yet thinking we became a third-rate fan site. (I promise I won't talk about the URL change from this point on)

So, welcome to November! A new month, a fresh start... until December anyways. Got your Christmas decorations up already?

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A Christmas theme for this year

Speaking of Christmas, we've historically done a sort of "Christmas theme" on the wiki around the month of December to bring the wiki into the holiday season! We've missed the theme a couple times over the years, however, and this time we want to try doing it again.

We're currently looking for help to make the Christmas theme a reality! If you're good with image editing and can help us create a "Christmas-themed logo" or background, or if you're good with CSS and can pick out good colours for our button colours and navigation bars, please see the forum thread about it! We'd love to have you on board!

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New featured article for the month!

The The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs article has been selected to be the featured article for the month of November 2018! Featured articles are hand-picked selections from the community that are crowned as being one of the best articles we have. Featured articles are chosen based on their readability and the amount of information they contain, and they're not chosen by a secretive council, but by community members—people like YOU! To nominate or vote for an article, read the instructions here, and then either make a nomination or vote for an existing one.

It is a DISCORD party!!!

We did some reorganizing of the Discord server this month. We removed some less-utilized channels, as well as our Music channel due to low usage and popularity. We're also happy to introduce a new bot, called "Discord.Me", that works quietly in the background to help prevent spam by forcing people to go through a bot check and generating a one-time use invite code for them to join the server with. You may have noticed that we have gotten rid of the "Connect" button in the Discord widget in the sidebar and have replaced it with a plain-looking link; this was done to prevent spambots from hopping onto the server via the wiki. If you want to link people to our server over the Internet, we encourage you to use this link: This link takes users to a reCAPTCHA page so evil bots can't join the server.

Not sure what Discord is? Discord is a multi-platform online text and voice chat service that lets people connect with each other in real time over the Internet. Although this might not seem particularly new and revolutionary, Discord is so much more than that: it has a lot of great features, including user roles, awesome support for bots, the ability to upload and embed files, and much much more! It's the wiki's most popular method of communication, and it's (seriously) all the rage! If you want to read like the bookworm you are, you can read up on the wiki's Discord server here. You can also visit their official website and have a look around. When you're ready, just click on that "Click here" button below. You can use Discord right in your web browser, or download and install the desktop client for Windows, macOS, and Linux, or the apps for iOS and Android. See you there!

If you see this, JavaScript might be disabled in your browser or the DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If it's the latter, please contact an administrator.
Click here to join the server.
By joining, you agree to abide by the server rules.

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I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy

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Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave any comments or feedback in the Comments section below, and we'll see you next month! —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 20:48, November 4, 2018 (UTC)

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