It's another Friday! By the time this Sim talk is released, I already owned all the main games in The Sims series! I'm discussing about the differences between all the Sims games this time!

The Sims

For The Sims, there's not much I could say about it. Except for the fact that my copy is Russian and I don't understand a word the game says besides my Sims' names. Only that there is only 2 life stages; adult and child. This kinda sucks because I have a Sim who's supposed to be a teen, but is an adult in game. There really isn't any good heads and bodies in the Create a Sim. There isn't any good dog and cat breeds in Unleashed. Even worse, fires just start way to easily. Another thing is that needs go down WAY FAST! I don't even know any cheats to max the motives and turn off decay.

The Sims 2

I can say that The Sims 2 and future games get better than The Sims with new features. Something new added to Create a Sim is new features, so we don't need to use preset head and bodies, and face customization, which is sliders. Something worse is with this game, as the sliders reset after selecting a preset face part, even resetting all other sliders, making it possible to make something as creepy as this;

IMG 2924

Like the original, there is no diagonal rotation. More ages were added. Testingcheatsenabled on just doesn't work at all. Shift clicks don't respond. My only favorite thing is being able to create another neighborhood. Cutscenes are nice as well!

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is the third installment, and it had way MORE features than I thought it would! The Create a Style is pretty sweet! Ability to pick any color is great. The young adult stage is now the default. Diagonal rotation is now possible. My only downside is the abilty to make new worlds. It has to be done on a separate program and I have to close the game to open it..

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is my favorite Sims game! Yes, I know the Create a style got removed, but at least there is no sliders! You can get to anywhere in both Create a Sim and Build Mode real quick with the new filters! There isn't any way to create a world, which is kinda dumb. Custom content has reached its peak in The Sims 4. It allows most parts of a Sim to have custom content, including custom eyes(Irine was the first Sim I made to use custom eyes). There are less options for lifespan settings than The Sims 3 had, but still, everything in this game looks so... realistic.
Anyhow, that concludes the Sim talk. Remember to keep Simming!

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