Sul,Sul Simmers! Today im gonna show a trick with 'TwixedMexican'´s T.O.O.L Mod,for Swinable lakes,little water sources and Oceans in others worlds!

1-You need to have the 'Move Objects' cheat enabled

2-Buy a Pool Ladder and place anywhere in your lot

3-Shift+Click = T.O.O.L =Toggle Active Object

4-Put the ladder very next to the water but very to the beachside/something too

5-Test it and if not works keep moving,rotating and test

BONUS:If wanna make your sims move in the water not just be standing in it,Shift+Click on the Sim = T.O.O.L = Toggle active Object

Im happy if that worked for you :D  Dag,Dag! Can´t wait to see people using!

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