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  • I live in The dark corners of my imagination
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is Artist, Teacher, Lover
  • I am Male
  • Glynn Tarrant

    Hey you guys! It's been a few months, but I'm finally able to edit again on this wiki. I was over on Spore wiki writing my main fictions and I've been quite busy with school. So I plan to finish up my story. Not sure if any of you guys were counting on the story to continue, but it will soon. In a week or so. I should be back up and ready to edit.

    Now before I start agin, is there any one who has any ideas for my story or wishing to collaborate with me? Those who collaborate their fictions with mine can have their sims featured in the story as well.

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  • Glynn Tarrant

    Reader Check

    February 25, 2014 by Glynn Tarrant

    Sorry about my absence guys. Before I continue writing anymore fan stories and character bios, I'd like to have some feedback on what you all think of my work. Perhaps I can produce better works in the future and know if anyone is actually reading my work in the first place.

    Here are some links to a few of my works:


    • Fanon:Sunset Valley Assassins
      • Fanon:Bridgeport Assassins
      • Fanon:Into the Valley


    • Walter Vice
    • Catherine Vice
    • Rosa Vice

    (more characters will be written up soon)

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