• I live in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • I was born on August 7
  • I am female
  • GiantBasilisk

    CAS Background

    June 25, 2013 by GiantBasilisk

    hello guys, sorry for asking a LOT of question.

    i really need this answer.

    so, i see create a sim video on youtube. and the cas background color is different.

    can you tell me how to change cas background? thx before

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  • GiantBasilisk

    ! hey guys. 

    i want 2 download the sims castaway stories for my laptop. my operation system is windows 7.

    can i play castaway stories in windows 7?

    thanks before answering my question.


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  • GiantBasilisk

    The Sims 1

    June 1, 2013 by GiantBasilisk

    Heya guys!

    i want to ask you again. my laptop system is windows 7. and, can i play the sims 1 in windows 7?

    Thanks before for answer my question!


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  • GiantBasilisk

    hey guys, im back.

    and, sorry for asking a LOT of question.

    so, i want to unlock all uncharted island in isla paradiso. when i try the cheats, nothing happend.

    and it's an unknown command. mind to help me? thanks!

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  • GiantBasilisk

    Movie Maker Cheats

    December 26, 2012 by GiantBasilisk

    Hello All! Im back! I want to ask something about.. Movie Maker Cheats. When I play The Sims 3, there are a Game Tip. One day, I see a Game Tip. The picture can be see in : here

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