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Week of September 7th, 2014

It's another Sunday in The Sims Wiki, and that means... it's wiki news time! Anyways, news after the break.

The Sims News

The Sims 4 is now out worldwide (on PC)!

Go pirate, er... (honestly you shouldn't, because this) get your copy on Origin here. Unfortunately this time around, EA did not release a Mac version at the same time as the PC version like The Sims 3, meaning Mac users will have to wait (or alternatively use bootcamp)...

The Sims 4 reviews

The reviews for The Sims 4 are out and it's quite frankly... mixed, at best. The score on Metacritic as of now (September 7th, 2014) is currently 71, not mentioning user scores which is even more depressing... at 3.7.

I don't always trust Metacritic scores (again, reviews are subjective), but it seems that people are complaining about the lack of features (kind of like one step forward, two steps back), with some praising certain features such as Create a Sim and build mode. But then, of course we all know that Maxis will probably add missing features as DLC or as part of a patch, like they did with Sims 3 (duh).

The Sims Wiki News

The Sims 4 articles

If you have The Sims 4, we'd certainly love your help by adding information to The Sims 4 related articles! As always, The Sims Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia, so please be bold and plunge in! For more information, please see LiR's post here.

Current discussions

As always, we have a number of discussions going in the community discussions forum. Feel free to weigh your own inputs in on the following discussions, such as:

Monthly question

Likewise, we'd like to hear your opinion on this month's monthly question! This month's question is...

Are you going to get The Sims 4? Why or why not?

As always, feel free to check in this month's monthly question and weigh in your opinions!


Now that The Sims 4 is now released, what is your opinion on the game?

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How much would you rate The Sims 4 on a 0-10 scale?

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