• EpicJoyBoy

    So... it's been two full weeks since our last news blog. Two weeks isn't long, but perhaps you might want to ask, "Is this news blog dead"?

    Well no, of course!

    Sure, it looks dead, but there would be no news blogs without community support. And if you are able to, we'd certainly love if you were to write your own news blog! I know this is just a shameless plug here, but without community support there wouldn't be a news blog in the first place.

    Anyways, news after the break.

    SimCity BuildIt announced

    Now, let me go on a slightly off-topic, yet slightly related news... EA has just announced a new SimCity game for iOS and Android, aptly named SimCity BuildIt. Yes, EA has announced a new SimCity game. For mobile.

    According to this news post, it will be "…

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  • EpicJoyBoy

    It's another Sunday in The Sims Wiki, and that means... it's wiki news time! Anyways, news after the break.

    The Sims 4 is now out worldwide (on PC)!

    Go pirate, er... (honestly you shouldn't, because this) get your copy on Origin here. Unfortunately this time around, EA did not release a Mac version at the same time as the PC version like The Sims 3, meaning Mac users will have to wait (or alternatively use bootcamp)...

    The Sims 4 reviews

    The reviews for The Sims 4 are out and it's quite frankly... mixed, at best. The score on Metacritic as of now (September 7th, 2014) is currently 71, not mentioning user scores which is even more depressing... at 3.7.

    I don't always trust Metacritic scores (again, reviews are subjective), but it seems that people ar…

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  • EpicJoyBoy

    We are only 24 hours until The Sims 4's release! (Go get your copy of TS4 limited edition now, before it's too late!)

    The Sims 4 preload

    For those who doesn't know yet, The Sims 4 is now available for preload in North America! Unfortunately, preload date differs by country, so those in other regions might have to wait.

    The Sims 4 Player's Guide

    Not just that, but EA has also made the Player's Guide available online! Go get a peek of it here (thanks SimsVIP!)

    The Sims 4 orders being cancelled

    Here's the bad news. Some people are reporting their orders of The Sims 4 being cancelled, and thus unable to preload their game. It seems that some people are charged immediately after pre-ordering, as well as the preload period, meaning that they are charged twi…

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