• Chaos Shepherd


    January 22, 2020 by Chaos Shepherd

    Eliza Pancakes

    Nancy Landgrab

    Lily Feng 

    Clara Bjergsen 

    Alice Spencer Kim

    Mele Kahaunnai 

    Anaya Jang

    Bella Goth

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  • Chaos Shepherd

    Cloudcuckoo Island

    I could never figure out create a wold but I wish I could make my own neighborhood. I want it to be a big island, with plenty of room for families. With a big ominous hill on the far side of it. Some are from pop culture others from my own mind.

    Households still WIP

    The VonDooms a well of household of 5 EVIL siblings, based on the four horsemen and a Five bad band

    Incurable, it's the Hulk. Hulk Smash

    Bin Diver

    Normal Family

    We are not Aliens... I mean hello my name is Caption. Which is a Perfectly human name, this female is Ambassador and the other one is Doctor they are my associates. We are not Aliens from a destroyed home world no we did not blow it up. We just wanted to move to a nicer place. We do not live alone on a hill…

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