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  • BobNewbie

    Chat Emotes Go Live!

    September 7, 2011 by BobNewbie

    Hello, Simmers and Chatters!

    Recently, Chat Emotions have gone live & global on Wikia!

    Many skeptics may be asking - yeah, so? Are they only a bunch of dull emotes limited to a few facial expressions - more or less the same to the text-emotes we've been using all this time?

    Well, not at all. Via a MediaWiki page, admins are able to completely customize all images and prompts, and can remove, and add as many as wanted!

    Though the chat is perhaps far from competing with the IRC in numerous ways, most of all activity, it's been becoming more and more stable and this is surely a step in the right direction!

    Have an idea for an emote? Think something needs to be swapped? Don't hesitate to post your ideas below!

    Happy Simming and Chatting! --BobNewbie…

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  • BobNewbie

    Hello there, Simmers and Wikians alike! Some pretty awesome things are coming in the near future to enhance our editing and social bonds on Wikia.

    New User Profiles Yup, you've heard it. Our profiles are getting massive makeover (especially the top). A new section will be added to the top of the page to help users share information about themselves. Simple and nice, the section allows you to display things such as your other name or title, occupation, birthday, Facebook and Twitter account links, and favorite wikis.

    It's amazingly easy to edit, plus quick and not very tiring (plus, whatever information you add will be shown on all your profiles across Wikia). Finally, your avatar will be enlarged slightly, and a few other things are to be fix…

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  • BobNewbie

    Again, " The Sims "? Make no mistake, this time everything is different. Instead of the same eternal life simulation audition, EA has decided, with "The Sims: Middle Ages" to go Wete new. Whether this path leads to the goal, we can answer you. Read Our Review!

    Unlike recently released add-ons to " The Sims 3 "is" The Sims: Middle Ages "has its own game, and even in the first minutes of the game, this is more than just clear. Are you the watchman, a kind of divinity, and with heroes and / or sovereign nations may steer you to all. You create a Sim, the externals with talent and a great weakness comes up next, and get things done. Are you interested?

    As usual, even in all other parts, you may create your own hero. But be careful, because not o…

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  • BobNewbie


    January 8, 2011 by BobNewbie

    Yay! Another 2011 blog :) Just wanted to wish you all good luck with the year. 3D T.V! Yupp! Can't wait! Gonna continue editing as much as I can! Lets all grab the bull by the horns and try not to get blocked. 2011 is short, and 2012, 2013, 2014, etc, will also be, so live your life to the fullest! Oh, also, I started writing a book :P. Yupp, a 13 year old is writing a book. Happy editing and Simming!

    |_____________________________________________________________| Fish bowl!

    o_0 dumb blog. I know.

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  • BobNewbie

    The Sims Medieval

    January 6, 2011 by BobNewbie

    So, we decided we are going to cover this. Do you people realize that there are confirmed traits, buildings, features, characters, gameplay mechanics, settings, locations, etc, not covered? We are supposed to be able to give a encyclopedia of information about this, even if we decided we are not going to cover it in-depth. Here are a few videos I found helpful to learn about the game. Please help the wiki by adding all available information into articles. Thanks!

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