Beds Beds 7 June 2015

The Sims Wiki News - 7th June, 2015

Hello Sims Wiki users, I have came back from never-editing land to create a lovely news blog for you. Please note: The blog being "lovely" is debatable at time of publish".

  • EA and The Sims have announced Newcrest, a lovely new world for The Sims 4 - it comes with three new neighborhoods and fifteen empty lots! For those who love to create new buildings in The Sims (like myself), then you should consider downloading it; especially if you like free stuff! Read more about the new world and what it brings here.
  • Amazon, Target and Best Buy all have Summer-themed sales going on at the moment which have some great deals for TS games. SimsVIP have detailed information on their website, you can read more about them if you want to. Please note: Target's s…

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Beds Beds 22 March 2015

The Sims Wiki News - 22nd March, 2015

Welcome to The Sims Wiki News -- here's what has been happening in the world of Sims and on our wiki!

  • SimsVIP are currently holding a competition, which gives 5 lucky people the chance to win a copy of The Sims 4; Get to Work. See more information here.
  • A new promotional video was released by EA, which gives us a more detailed look into the Still Life retail feature. The video is view-able here.
  • A cop and llama trailer was released earlier this week, re-introducing players to the wonderful llama, a popular animal in the franchise. See the trailer for yourself.
  • Aliens were confirmed for The Sims 4 -- read SimsVIP blog for more information.

Community discussions

Community discussions are a major part of The Sims Wiki as it allows everyone to have …

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Beds Beds 1 March 2015

The Sims Wiki News - 1st March, 2015

Hello there fellow Simmers - I decided to step in and do the news this week as I haven't done so in quite a long time. So, let's see what has been happening this past week.

Quite a quiet week in The Sims world

  • EA's main focus this week was them focusing on the Detective career branch, featured in The Sims 4:Get to Work. They created a blog, which is viewable here, and also released a video with some great footage, which is available here.
  • Via The Sims' official twitter, they announced that The Sims 4 Gallery will be closed from March 2nd, 10am Pacific Time, due to maintenance. You can view the tweet here.

Some forums haven't been touched in a while, and are in desperate need of attention.

  • Articles for inhabited lots
  • Fanon quality discussion
  • Amendm…

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Beds Beds 17 August 2014

The Sims Wiki News - 17th August 2014

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Beds Beds 1 May 2014

The Sims Wiki News - 1st May 2014

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