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This month's Question
What is the funniest moment you've ever had while playing The Sims?

Thank you to Joey.eyeball for this month's question suggestion. If you have any ideas for future questions, please leave them here.

Last month's Question

Below are the top three responses:

Beatrice Monty - 2 PlumbBobs

As long as my laptop can handle it, yes. I know this seems to be a minority opinion but I'm really looking forward to playing it, and I'm more excited for it than I was for TS3 at least. I'm not too fussed by the removed features - I own the first three base games, Medieval, Stories, and all the expansions and play them all more or less equally, so if I'm missing toddlers, swimming pools and open worlds I'll play one of them for a while. But I've been waiting for travel between worlds and a merging of the trait/aspiration systems for ages, so I'm very happy to see both of those features. The only thing I wasn't too thrilled about was the decision to make the story alternate universe rather than continuing the story-line from previous games, but I figure if I can't get on with it I'll just get rid of the pre-mades for once and build my own - which will be nice, because for once I actually like CAS. I'm not expecting anything quite as cool as TS1 or TS2 were in their respective days, but I'm still optimistic.

Joey.eyeball - 1 PlumbBobs

I will buy The Sims 4, even though it lacks a lot of content from the previous games. I feel as though it's not a step backwards or anything like that, but a step in a different direction. For better or for worse. The Sims 3 was a great base game and with all of the expansion and stuff packs installed, it would be an even greater game. But a lot of The Sims 3's features led to the game becoming quite laggy and glitchy if you didn't have a perfect computer, and with all the expansion and stuff packs installed, you can imagine what it would be like after that. So what I'm saying is The Sims 4 is a completely different game that has the potential to be an greater game than The Sims 3 if you wait and see.

Aufladungen - 1 PlumbBobs

So to answer the question, YES! Now for the why, not because I'm a fanboy of the series, in fact I didn't start playing Sims 3 until about two months ago. But because I feel they've really laid a fantastic foundation from which to work from. I've followed this very closely and I've read a lot of the moans and groans about them leaving this out or leaving that out and how it's going to 'ruin the game'. But if there's anything my short time with the Sims 3 taught me it's that it might not be in the game... YET. Doesn't mean it won't be a little ways down the road! The reason I'm getting it is because I see The Sims 4 as the foundation of a house... and it's a fantastic foundation! Which makes me excited to see where they'll go once they start 'adding rooms'.

Ѧüя◎ґ (talk) 02:38, October 8, 2014 (UTC)

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